everything but the sink: amazing kitchen-in-a-box 'camp champ' gives budding chefs all the tools they need to rustle up glamping meals in style - portable camping bbq

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-23
everything but the sink: amazing kitchen-in-a-box \'camp champ\' gives budding chefs all the tools they need to rustle up glamping meals in style  -  portable camping bbq
Most campers are terrified after finding themselves leaving their tank opener at home.
But this small portable kitchen means they will never be discovered by the state again. of-
Art facilities worth a Michelin trystarred chef.
Exquisite folding
Out set has a stove and counter, a complete spice rack, knife seat and utensils so that the stylish camper can use three
Enjoy food in the heart of nature.
If this is not enough, scroll down to watch the video and the "camp champ" also contains the seat cushion
Burner grill with baking tray, cutlery, stainless steel sieve, dessert plate and grater.
There is even a laminated working surface in the box so that people who want to be chefs have the space to prepare a lavish feast, and if they bring too much champagne, there is plenty of storage.
Finally, the buyer can also find a coffee machine and a bottle opener stuffed inside so that they can provide the service perfectly.
Wine that matches their culinary creations.
Handmade, elegant folding
The squashed picnic sandwiches and warm orange pumpkins will be used as distant memories when you go out.
Described as "a tribute to the golden ideal," it raises the diet of the mural to a whole new level.
But this little box trick is not cheap: The camp champion retails for £ 3,932, a lot more expensive than your regular picnic basket.
At 70 kg, two or three people are needed to carry the boxes, and the fascinating people may not like to drag the boxes through the mountains or to the places they like on the beach.
The manufacturer says it is designed and manufactured in Austria and is an ideal kitchen for "gardens, suitable for travel, 4-
Travel by car, canoe, boat . . . . . . Picnic, all outdoor activities . . . . . . And anywhere you want to go.
The camp champion contains enough equipment for six people to use, and even has a waterproof cover if the weather threatens your picnic.
The manufacturer says it is made of lightweight plywood, cleverly designed and looks better as it grows older, meaning it can be passed down from generation to generation.
This box is available for transportation, which makes it an indulgent summer option for your regular portable BBQ.
The box is 680x540x570mm when closed (
26x21x22 inch)
, When opened, the size is 50x22x43 inch.
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