evolution of the campfire: propane is safer, easier, cheaper and healthier than wood - wood burning fire pit with grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-05
evolution of the campfire: propane is safer, easier, cheaper and healthier than wood  -  wood burning fire pit with grill
Alice Fox's carbon footprint is on the roof.
She also has it in her wallet.
Even into her lungs.
Like many British columnians at this time of year, Surrey residents enjoy a bonfire --
As far as she is concerned, she is camping for 10 days at the Edgewater bar, part of Derby Reach Regional Park on the banks of North Lanley Fraser.
Wood fires are currently legal.
However, it is only a matter of time before the province and the region become more and more dry, and the authorities ban time --
Honor wood campfire.
In the extreme forest fire season last year, according to climate change forecasts, the province began to impose a fire ban on coastal fire areas from July 6, lasting. 18 —almost 2. 5 months.
Campers do not need despair.
Propane fire pits with lava are not only safer to use, but also healthier lungs, and much cheaper than the small bundles of firewood sold at the camp.
Fox also has a propane fire pit, but there is no belt for the trip.
"I prefer wood," said the former mounted policeman . ".
"I grew up in the countryside. C.
But as the fire season went on, I actually went to the propane fire now as well because I expected (wood-burning)
The fire season is coming to an end soon.
"More and more retail stores have been storing propane fire pits for sale at around $110.
"Great changes," said.
"We are a very fast-growing company.
"In order to avoid smoking in neighbors, propane fire pits are also used in the backyard.
Fire Pit connection standard 20-
In the camp, and even during the camp fire ban, the use of pound propane tanks is widely allowed.
They can be so safe that you can put your hands under them and not burn yourself even when lit, reducing the amount of grass or wood debris that ignites the dry below
Environment Department spokesman David Karn confirmed: "The Vancouver Metro also allows propane fire pits to be set up at Edgewater bar during the wood fire ban.
Although Wood is a renewable resource, the combustion of propane and wood can produce greenhouse gases.
Propane can't compete with smoked firewood either, as it will leave pesky mosquitoes in the bay, and this season seems to be a bigger problem due to the high level of fresh water in the spring.
In the evening, propane did not have that comforting crack.
Production and transportation of propane and the environmental cost of making tanks to hold bottles.
The problem is that firewood is much more toxic to humans, especially in camp environments where dozens of people may burn at the same time. The U. S.
The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the cancer risk of wood smoke is 12 times that of the second time
Tobacco smoke.
Wood smoke produces tiny particles less than 2.
5 microns settled in the lungs.
"These tiny particles can get into your eyes and respiratory system where they can cause eye burning, runny nose and diseases such as bronchitis," the EPA said . ".
"Fine particles can also cause heart attacks, strokes, irregular heart rates and heart failure, especially those who are already at risk for these diseases.
"Below is the situation with Jens Wieting, a senior forest and climate activist at the Sierra Club B. C.
, See it: "Fill for about $25up, a 20-
The pound's propane tank is $6 cheaper than a small bundle of wood sold to the edchwater bar campers for 60-90 minutes.
The Fox usually runs through three bundles of wood a night, so instead of ordering day by day, she dumped $200 worth of wood in the camp --
Enough to build her own wooden wall.
An old man smiled and gave a thumbs up as he drove past.
"It's a bit expensive," Fox allowed . ".
"I have a lot. ”(
Of course, with their own wood, people will find that the traditional wooden campfire is more affordable. )
If you are going to camp in the rain at night, the propane fire pit is also easy to start, fighting without wet wood.
Put a grill on the propane fire pit and you can also heat the water and cook it in a pan or a frying pan.
Fox predicted that considering the state of B,C.
Summer forests, including those killed by beetles, may be burning out.
"You have to be responsible to society, and I think it will be a way of the past.
"At the time of the interview, there was a spark in the Fox's campfire, roasting the reporter's jeans and burning a hole in a white shirt --
Admittedly, this is not the best choice for campfire research.
"Oh, kid, safety is a big problem," Fox confirmed . ".
She kept a bucket of water on the nearby Fraser River and made sure her campfire was completely extinguished at the end of the day.
"There are a few holes in my chair.
I won't lie.
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