ex-imf chief strauss-kahn awaits trial in luxury, avoids cell - gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
ex-imf chief strauss-kahn awaits trial in luxury, avoids cell  -  gas grill
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
Former IMF President Strauss
Kahn will pay about $250,000 (152,632 pounds)
Living in his own private prison for a month, complete with a gym and a home theater to avoid being jailed before he is accused of trying to rape a hotel butler. Strauss-
Mr. Kahn, who had been a strong contender for the French president before his arrest, moved from a temporary apartment to a luxury townhouse on cobblestone streets in TriBeCa district, New York City late Wednesday, it is named after the Triangle under Canal Street.
A listed real estate company said,bedroom, four-
Bathroom with open kitchen and "spacious loft-like living-room.
Another listed company said the company last announced a price of $13,995,000, focusing on gas grills, gyms and home theaters.
Local media estimate Strauss
Kahn paid $50,000 a month for rent.
A prosecutor estimates he will pay $200,000 a month.
Authorized security arrangements including electronic surveillance and armed guards around the clock.
A woman who lives a few blocks away was surprised by Strauss's luxury
Living arrangements for Kahn
Elaine planda, 78, said: "It won't be too difficult to have a screening room . ", She went on to describe the roof deck and other features of the house she had studied.
After his arrest in May 14, Strauss
Kahn spent four nights at New York's infamous Ricks island prison, where he resigned as managing director of the International Monetary Fund.
Under the terms of bail, he must always wear an electronic ankle bracelet, and his trip is limited to appearing in court in Manhattan, meeting with lawyers, medical appointments and religious ceremonies.
Chairman Julie Meining told Reuters that the local community committee in TriBeCa had not heard any complaints and that residents there could express their concerns.
"We hope this is a short time.
She said, referring to the scrum of the reporter opposite the townhouse.
But on Thursday, a resident expressed anger at a Reuters photographer appearing on television.
"Go back to France," the man shouted as he walked to the police to complain. Strauss-
The 62-year-old has been charged with sexual assault, attempted rape, sexual abuse, illegal imprisonment and forced touch.
His lawyer said he was innocent and would fight the charges.
On Friday, a judge released him on $1 million in cash bail and $5 million in insurance security. Strauss-
Kahn will return to court on June 6.
If convicted, he will face 25 years in prison.
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