explosions rock florida propane plant - gas grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-23
explosions rock florida propane plant  -  gas grills
-Late Monday, dozens of explosions rocked a propane tank repair plant in central Florida, northwest of Orlando, with seven workers injured, at least three seriously, and prompted the evacuation of nearby homes, authorities said.
No one outside the factory was injured by the explosion, which happened at about 10: 30. m.
About 40 miles local time, the Blue Rhino propane filling station in Tavares town (60 km)
Northwest Orlando, Lake County Sheriff's spokesman John Herrell said.
Herrell said that it was initially reported that 15 of the more than 20 workers on duty were missing, but were subsequently found unscathed.
The other two were safe from the start.
"It's clear that this is a very, very dangerous scene when firefighters arrive," Herrell said . ".
The chain reaction of the explosion, torn 20-pound (9 kilo)
Propane cylinders one by one-there is a tank every few seconds during peak hours-releasing high flame columns into the night sky.
Homeowners miles away reported they were shocked by the explosion.
"We heard the boom inside the restaurant," said 23-year-old Jessica McClure, a waitress at Danny's restaurant, seven miles north of the town of Eustis.
She said that when she arrived at the work place at about 11, a bright orange glow could be seen in the distance. m.
Herrell said the cause of the explosion is still unclear.
He said seven workers were injured.
Trauma center spokesman Sybrina Childress told Reuters that three men from the Blue Rhino factory were sent by helicopter to the Orlando Regional Medical Center, all of whom suffered from burns and were in critical condition.
The Lake County emergency dispatcher said the house, located within a mile of the facility, was ordered to be evacuated to prevent it.
The bird views map of the facility can be seen from a video taken by a local television station, about 90 minutes after the first explosion, showing a fire, apparently caused by an ongoing explosion, around
After another 30 minutes, the main fire seems to be going out, and the remains of what seems to be burning --
You can see the truck outside.
Talk to the local NBC alliance WESH over the phone
Don Ingram, former factory director, said on television that the company bought propane tanks for home gas grills, cleaned them, checked the valves and re-
He said tanks were stacked on plastic pallets behind the gas station.
Herrell said an estimated 53,000 propane cylinders were left here.
A late crew member usually refuel 4,000 to 5,000 tanks overnight, he said.
The nearest residential area is about a quarter.
Ingram said it was only a mile behind a row of trees.
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