Fall’s the best season for grilling - the best charcoal bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-03
Fall’s the best season for grilling  -  the best charcoal bbq grill
BBQ needs declaration of independence.The famous document, although written in summer, does not know what season.Barbecue should not be.Autumn is my favorite time to have a barbecue.Unlike the hot temperatures in summer, the mild weather in autumn makes it a pleasure to stand in front of the hot fire.But the practicality of gentle days, though good, is secondary in their poetry.In the fresh air of autumn, smoke is carried differently.The perfume filled with steam nearby is exciting and inviting, suggesting nostalgia.In the heat of the summer, the smoke almost condenses in thick numbness on the grill.Really, this is the wrong choice.Can't the barbecue be the same for both?Of course.But if I had to choose, I would choose autumn as my favorite BBQ season.(If I live in South or Texas like I have for many years, I will most likely choose winter.In addition to tomatoes and corn, and perhaps peaches, one can even argue that the food in autumn is better: it is the season of harvest because it cries out loudly.Before we start shipping and flying by truck, the natural food in autumn is cabbage, potatoes, onions, beets, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, garlic (yes, garlic ), plant peppers, potatoes, various pumpkins and tomatoes, not to mention apples and pears.Like summer gems, they catch fire and smoke.We can grill and smoke at any time of the year.Why is the limit low?and-Slow Pig Ass or fast-grilled rib-Focus on a season?I admit that burgers and hot dogs are the sign of summer.Fine.They can be claimed in summer.But does anyone follow the rules of no longer wearing white clothes after Labor Day?So, barbecue burgers and dogs in colorful months.As for the bigger meat, such as ribs and beef bris, I prefer to eat it when it's not too hot outside.Frankly, I actually like to eat light food in summer.Autumn is a good time for more hearty meals, as usual, to prepare for the upcoming hearty winter dishes.Last fall I burned the apples, one of the signature fruits of the season, as the basis for salsa dancing and pork pairing.This fall, I borrowed from the adventurous Dallas chef Tim Byers, who combined apples with tomatoes to make a slightly rich creamy salsa.Autumn is also great for Oak pumpkins, I found inspiration in "where there is smoke: simple, sustainable, delicious BBQ" (Sterling Epicure, 2013), former Washington chef Barton SiverHis treatment was simple and easy and it took only a few minutes to get to the fire.It produces a wedge of nuts, sweet and caramel.As the holidays are coming, I would also like to have an elegant dessert at the dinner party.I found it on the wood.Smoked boiled pearThe smoke makes the pear a memorable winter --night-by-the-The perfect combination of poached syrup with red wine, orange and vanilla.In the end, however, the recipe is just an excuse to go out for a barbecue in the autumn color mess.I wonder, who ordered the grill to rule us that summer?This is for sure, not the founding fathers.In his diary, George Washington wrote that "Barbicue [sic] donated by myself" was held in Accatinick ".Do you know when that was?Not June.Not July.Not August.September.This brought me back to the declaration of independence.Summer is a barbecue of what Britain is about the American Colony: an indomitable overlord.We took out the grill on Memorial Day and dragged them back to the garage on Labor Day.In the middle, we have a summer tender.In the course of inhuman events (that is, hot summer), when the natural order of things is sitting in the air --A bar or movie theater where are we?Standing at a 500-degree fire.We obey the Sun King.So in here in September of 2013, I said we think this truth is self-Obviously all barbecues are equal, they are some of the inalienable rights that the creator has given them, including life, freedom, whenever they become delicious, smoke and barbecue food will be pursued.Especially autumn.Sha Hin will join today's free range chat at noon: Live.washingtonpost.com.Follow Shahin's microblog: @ jimshahin.
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