Fireplaces Step Out for Air - outdoor fire pit b&q

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Fireplaces Step Out for Air  -  outdoor fire pit b&q
Kimberly Stevens.In 25 years, when television writer Doug Armstrong and his wife, atelevision executive Maureen Fitzpatrick decided to view a swimming pool on the grass behind a Medieval Modern House near Silver Lake was proposed, it was immediately considered too extravagant.They chose a sleek outdoor aluminum fireplace."Now no one with a conscience will dig a hole in the ground, line up with cement, fill it with 60,000 gallons of water and some chlorine, waiting for it to evaporate," Jay Weida, the couple's landscape designer.Using wall-Like Mr. trilis.Colton 1,400-square-The walking yard is divided into two "rooms": a lower-level dining area with slate paving and an upper-level dining areaHorizontal lounge with sofa-Outdoor purple fabric.Connecting these two areas is a double.A simple gray fireplace, about the size of an old TV cabinet.Guests are naturally attracted."Creating two separate rooms and sharing a fireplace is like adding a new part to the house," he said ."Armstrong spent about $2,300 on the fire facility, out of a total landscape budget of $150,000.Of course, not everyone has so much money to spend.At a time when a lot of people's renovation budgets have been cut, and landscape designers are also shaving for work, the outdoor fireplace may be one of the few highlights.The outdoor fireplace is sometimes called the poor swimming pool by architects and designers at a low priceExtend the maintenance of outdoor living and social spaces, especially on the night when mercury drops.These open adsThere seems to be a design moment for Air hearths as well.Traditional WoodThe burning model may call an image of a hippie campfire, or similar to a portable grill-Recently, pollution rules in parts of Southern California have banned new pollution rules --Designer versions made of gasoline and looks almost sculptures are beginning to appear on the terraces of more and more stylish backyard and trendy restaurants.Reliable statistics for outdoor fireplace sales are difficult to obtain, in part because it is a young industry that lacks uniform standards and is dominated by small manufacturers.But John Crouch, spokesman for the trade group fireplace, terrace and Barbecue Association, said he had observed significant growth.The popularity of the outdoor fireplace seems to be highdesign hotels.The boho-Chic Park Palm Springs hotel designed and opened in 2004 by Jonathan Adler has a public fire pit-A huge rusty iron bowl filled with black lava blocksThere are 10 retro butterfly chairs around.As we all know, hotel guests will kneel down and have a better look at the name of the fire pit manufacturer, whose name is written on the lower side of it.A: Colombo, Irina.) The new Standard hotel in the meat packaging area of Manhattan will provide two similar fire bowls in its beer garden.André Balazs, the boldface hotel operator who owns the Standard, was praised for helping to kick-start the trend, which he said began in Southern California and nowHe said: "The character of fire is very sexy and makes people look sexy ."Balazs, who has installed outdoor fireplaces in several hotels in Los Angeles over the past seven years."The flashing lights, the way it touches your skin, make people look great.It's not surprising that they want this in their own home."Eric glenbaum, creative director of an advertising company in Los Angeles, gave different reasons."A fire is almost basic," he said ."Glenbaum recently moved into a new modernist home in Venice, California.He originally wanted an indoor fireplace, but his architect Barbara best convinced him that the outdoor fireplace was more stylish and practical.They worked with Stephanie batron, the landscape designer here to create a casual, clean environmentLinedfire pit for internal connection.Made of hard-The fire pit is white cement, not larger than the soaking tub, filled with black lava pebbles.The gas burns with a deep orange glow.The surrounding is a rectangular stool, which is also white cement.Fire facilities, including benches, cost $1,900.Advertising now, Mr.Grunbaum invites friends and neighbors to come over for a cocktail party or dinner, and guests will inevitably end up near the fire pit."This is the ultimate life in California," he said ."."What really keeps you outdoors is attractive."Emily Jagoda, the architect of Silver Lake, often incorporates innovative outdoor spaces into her projects, and she goes further.She believes that the outdoor fireplace is social in nature;Neither the pool nor the fountain seemed to her."People don't gather to chat and communicate on water features," she said.Jagoda said.Craig Gillespie, director of film and television, bornHe agreed that the pool and the new outdoor fireplace could be seen at Brentwood's home."It was definitely our fire and the pool for the kids ."Gillespie, who lives in 1930 FederationDesigned a style home with his wife Cristin and two boys, 15-year-old Max and 10-year-old Miles.The fireplace, built last year by landscape designer Jay Griffith, whose clients include Brad Pitt and Jack Gillenhaal, evokes the industrial fireplace of the old world.The fireplace is hidden in a lush backyard with feather ferns and Moss stone paving stones, and the fireplace is made of rusty steel columns and a candle holder, antique urn and othersA Venetian-The 1970 crystal chandelier hangs on Magnolia trees as if the ceiling and walls magically disappeared."Now this space feels more like a real room and we have been using it all the time ,"Gillespie said.Ms.Colombo designed a fire bowl in Palm Springs and Standard Hotel, Parker and created her first outdoor fireplace in 2002, Oscar nimayer-Cement bowl for her home in the Hamptons.Mr.Balazs learned of the matter through word of mouth and commissioned a Shelter Island Sunset Beach hotel near the East End of Long Island.Her latest commission.Colombo has designed three fire-fighting features to build a new $10 million modern glass house on Blue Jay road, the exclusive lane of Mount Hollywood.The five-The bedroom house is unlimited.The edge pool, huge outdoor deck and amazing views, but the first thing to greet visitors is a fire sculpture --The flame flashes on the silver stainless steel beamIt seems that the steel branches floating on the reflection pool.Madam, the product and two smaller fire-fighting features cost $100,000.Colombo said.The sculpture can be seen through a glass wall in room 6,550square-foot home."In a house like this, you can successfully create a comfortable atmosphere, which is very surprising," Ms.Colombo said."In the end, it all boils down to flames."A version of this article appears on the print on page D1 of The New York edition with the title: fireplace facing air.Order reprint | today's newspaper | subscribe we are interested in your feedback on this page.Tell us what you think.
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