Fish in a flash: Seafood BBQ - the best charcoal bbq grill to buy

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Fish in a flash: Seafood BBQ  -  the best charcoal bbq grill to buy
Family favorites: grilled fish with Thai spices and coconut rice.Image source: Steve BrownSource: when our original ancestors spit out their first fish, they cook on open fire.Despite all the gadgets in the modern kitchen, this is still a hard-to-beat technique for seafood.The Greeks, Romans, Asians, and indigenous peoples enjoyed the fresh catches that were licked by flames and filled with smoke.Today we learn from these influences.Fish with dipping sauce favored by Japan and China, with SouthEast Asian-Spices such as citronella, Gao Liangjiang, garlic and soy are used in whole fish cooked on a grill or in Italy-Apply garlic sauce or salsa to the seafood skewers.Chase Kojima is lucky enough to cook on binchotan, a Japanese charcoal burner that reaches 1000C, because he prefers the taste of yakitori.However, the principle of cooking seafood in a barbecue is the same."You taste the wood, you taste the fire," said the chef who worked at the Nobu Group in Robert De Niro, and was then lured to Australia to open the Sotto restaurant in Sydney."Many of the yakitori they care about the taste are cooked like this," he said ."."It's so delicious."Chase also likes to eat the cut-off fish, such as the" collar "of species such as goldfish fish, which has a lot of hidden flavors.Oily fish such as skinSalmon have similar results.Will Brunker from Joto Fresh Fish, a supplier of some of Australia's best chefs, likes nothing more than opening beer and throwing seafood at Barbie dolls."I don't mind making a whole pink apper fish."I am totally in favor of keeping it fast and simple," he said ."."I usually go and buy some oil, some salt and lemon juice, and maybe some coriander as the apper fish is very delicate and very light in taste."Melbourne chef Oliver Edwards, along with marine researcher John Ford, founded the website goodfishbadfish.com.We are encouraged to eat more types of sustainable seafood."As a family, I would advocate flat heads because they are really common," Oliver said .".Add lemon zest, garlic and oil and introduce other flavors with a salad or salsa sauce, he said.How to cook fish.How do I Bake the fish so the fish won't be too dry?A."The fish is very easy to overcook, so you want to cook it in two ways: SuperLow or super hot"It's hot," said Chase."If you want to make the skin brittle, you make it super hot, rotate it, and slide it down to low heat to finish.The temperature of the grilled fish is related to the internal temperature, Chase said.If you have a meat thermometer at hand, you will not go wrong."You want 48-52C, but since the temperature will continue to rise, turn it off at 42C."Q.I like good fat fish without too many bones.What works best?A.Try fish like Australian salmon steak."I will also go to fish like spanish fish.It cooks well like swordfish, but is better and more sustainable. "Said Oliver.Season with salsa sauce of basil, olives, peppers, olive oil and tomatoes."It's a very traditional Mediterranean flavor," he said ."Q.My fish sticks to the grill.How can I avoid it?A.Brush a little extra virgin olive oil on the fish, which also helps to add flavor, Chase said."Some people say that the super Virgin is so delicious that it is used to make salad sauce, but you can taste different flavors," he said ."."I just put a brush on it."Q.Do you need salt on the fish?A.Chase likes to eat a layer of skin on the fish and season it with Murray River pink salt and fresh pepper."You can wear a lot of clothes."It's a big difference," he said.Two people cook togetherThirty times the time required (see table, next page), double-Third, take it out of the heat before cooking.Q.Should I marinate or dip in sauce or sauce?A.Because Chase is about the taste of grilled fish, he offers fish with sauce."I like to have a lot of different sauces or condiments to play with," Chase said ."."I like chili sauce."A yuzu tree is a passion for combining Japanese citrus fruit (yuzu) with green pepper, a paste made from grape seed oil.Lime, lemon or orange are also effective."The other dipping sauces he likes are based on the tortillas, adding mirin to make a kebab sauce."I will give you five sauces and the fish is gone when you try every sauce."Q.I always see cheap fish.Are they delicious?A.Although the name is slippery, Will says, buy a sticky mackerel fish and put it on a hot grill."They are very oily, but they have too little oil ."rated.I will put it in a superHigh temperature grill.The smoke from the barbecue really filled the meat and I might cook it on both sides for a minute or so.Logan Campbell, chef at Lucio restaurant (Sydney restaurant), gave me the idea."Q.I had some delicious squid at the Greek restaurant.How do I do it at home?A.Southern squid, olive oil, lemon and garlic paste are good options for this Mediterranean flavor."Some people don't like the heat of peppers, but I like to throw them in.You can de-Sow and remove the white part if you want less heat.Marinate it in the morning and get ready for the afternoon Barbie."Lemon juice is avoided when cooking seafood with acid."Frozen tender," Will said .""That's what many restaurants do."--Cooking time for whole fish: 15-20 minutes per kg fillet, steak, steak: 3-4 minutes per side clam, skin, cock: 4-5 minutes, or until openOysters (on the half shell): 2 minutes, or until the scallops are just heated: 30 seconds per sidePrawns, yabbies: 3-4 minutes, marron (half shell): 6-10 minutes, 3-Take 4 minutes from shell lobster (half shell): 8-12 minutes, medal 2-Octopus, squid, squid on each side for 3 minutes: 2-3 minutes until the Sydney Seafood School Cookbook or the fish line section of Sydney Fish Market.com.More tips.--4 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: Need to Natural 20 minutes of time: basic 1 cup of jasmine rice270ml can light coconut milk4 (each 150g) hard of white fish 2 teaspoon peanut oil fresh coriander, 1 lemon grass with 2 tablespoons of sweet chili sauce (white only ), chopped 3 cm ginger, peeled, chopped 1 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of lime, 2 teaspoons of fish soup, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of peanut oil made of seasoning: put in the sweet sauce, lemon pot with green lime juice, fish sauce, soy sauce and oil.Mix and stir.Put the rice in the pot.Add coconut milk and 1/2 cups of cold water.Mix and stir.Boil at high temperature.Stir.Cover.Reduce the heat to low.Simmer for 10-12 minutes or until the liquid is absorbed.Use a fork to separate the rice grains.At the same time, sprinkle fish with oil.Season with pepper.Heat the roast meat plate or charcoalMedium grillhigh heat.3-boiled fish4 minutes per side or until cooked.Mix rice, coriander, and sauce.
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