flambé: the science behind this flaming treat - backyard gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
flambé: the science behind this flaming treat  -  backyard gas grill
Father's Day is one of the holidays that can extend gifts --
Even the most creative people must have extraordinary abilities.
Only so many connections, tools and "the best dad in the world! " T-
A shirt a person can have.
Breakfast on the bed is usually something the mother is put on her lap on special days.
But with a little talent and science, you can give dad the same treatment.
Even the backyard grill.
First of all, warning: we will play with fire.
Mom, put the kids on pancakes or orange juice-it's time to shine on a barbecue.
The basic recipe requires 1/4 cups of butter, 3/4 cups of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, chopped fruits and spices to taste.
You also need a grill or camping stove, a frying pan, a wide one
In the range of 80 to 90, measure the cup and alcohol with the mouth.
Rum or brandy is a good choice.
First light the grill and melt the butter in the pan.
Once melted, add brown sugar.
Add lemon juice, spices and fruit to make it sticky.
Cook with medium heat for a minute or two.
Now, the reason to cook outside is: make sure that the grill or stove is away from any flammable item, tie back long hair and heat it.
Pour most of the sauce into a glass bowl and keep only a thin layer of sauce in the pan.
Pour 1/8 of alcohol into the measuring cup.
Move smoothly on the pan with your hand, pour the brandy, and back from the resulting flame.
What happened in the pot?
You need heat, oxygen and fuel to make a fire.
The term "proof" describes how much liquid is actually alcohol in the bottle, our source of fuel.
The higher the proof, the more fuel is in the bottle.
Stick to something that uses about 40% fuel for a safer flame (80 proof).
Do not pour directly from the bottle as it is like a tank with fuel and highly flammable alcohol vapor.
As a fancy cooking technique, flaminbu is more than just performing on stage.
Lighting alcohol actually changes the chemical composition of the food and helps with caramel sugar, which also affects the flavor of the dish.
Burning alcohol will also leave a residual taste, not high-proof spirits.
So is this just for adults?
How you prepare this dish will determine how much alcohol you leave behind.
The above method will cause most of the "fuel" to burn out.
If you mix the sake with more sauce, it will keep some of your fuel away from the oxygen you need to burn, resulting in a higher alcohol content.
Once it's done, you can pour the sauce on any breakfast food that is itself sweet.
If everyone wants to sleep late, bring it out on the ice cream in the future.
You can even have dad sit in a lawn chair like a king to watch the show.
If you're going to light the flame, it's a pleasure to have the applause to keep your eyebrows successful.
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