Flower pots, barbecues pose fire risk in dry summer months - charcoal barbecue london

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
Flower pots, barbecues pose fire risk in dry summer months  -  charcoal barbecue london
When you think of fire safety, you usually think of the usual suspects: a stove left accidentally, a stove hit
On the candle, a cooked meal.
The Morning Glory sitting on your balcony may not count.
But according to the Montreal Fire Department, this is where the fire is put out.
"The biggest problem we face this summer is all these patio fires," said Louise desross, head of fire prevention at Montreal's fire department.
"We also had a lot of fires on the balcony, on the terrace, on the roof, outside, in front of the restaurant.
Desrosiers says more and more people are deciding to smoke when the weather is good, choosing to smoke outside rather than indoors.
The problem is how those smokers deal with cigarette butts once they do.
"Instead of using a good ashtray outside, they will use a pot of flowers, grass or garden to get their ass out," explains Desrosiers . ".
However, she added that this year they saw an increase in the number of potted fires.
Flowerpots and cigarettes provide the perfect storm for the Fire: The Butt provides the necessary heat when wood chips or peat moss provides combustible materials and air.
Of course, the factory itself is also flammable.
If the fertilizer contains chemicals, it will only make it worse, says Desrosiers.
The particularly dry weather did not work.
Desrosiers said: "We had a fire because someone put all their grass in a small bundle in the garden and we had spontaneous combustion at high temperatures.
The heat is trapped in the pile, causing a fire, which is no different from what happened when a mass of oil was left in the ball.
Pots and grass are not the only culprit.
Barbecue is one of the most famous pastimes in summer, and there are some mistakes.
"People usually put (barbecue) near the fence (and fence screen)," says Desrosiers . ".
"Because it's too close and hot and dry in summer, it can make a fire without even touching it.
"Charcoal barbecues are particularly risky because they create a spark of error.
Desrosiers said: "If you do this on the balcony and you have a wooden balcony, you should put a metal plate for the barbecue so that the barbecue will not be placed directly on the wood.
She said that having a non-combustible surface underneath the grill would reduce the risk of spark capture, and the plate should be at least 3 feet wide, larger than the grill.
Desrosiers warned that just because the balcony is on fire does not mean that the house itself is protected.
"Even if the fire does start from outside, we do have a lot of fire starting from outside the flowerpot and then entering the house," she said . ".
"The Wood supporting the balcony entered the interior of the house and into the structure.
Sometimes the window is open and it is easy to put the fire in.
"Smoke outside with a suitable ashtray to keep your BBQ away from combustible materials and minimize fire risk.
Desrosiers said it is also recommended to install fire alarms on every floor of your residence.
If the bedroom door is closed when you sleep, then you should put another one in it.
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