former producer for rosie o'donnell charged in sister's 2015 slaying - charcoal grill

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former producer for rosie o\'donnell charged in sister\'s 2015 slaying  -  charcoal grill
Los Angeles police said on Thursday that television producer Jill Blackstone was facing extradition from Maryland after she was accused of killing 2015 deaf and partially blind sisters at the studios.
Los Angeles County prosecutors filed murder charges against producers last month after
Los Angeles police station Valley homicide detective's annual investigation into 49 deathsyear-
Old Wendy Blackstone
Jill Blackstone has also been charged with three charges of animal abuse.
In a closed garage with carbon monoxide, Wendy Blackstone was found unconscious next to a dead dog in March 2015.
The medical staff tried to rescue her, but she was pronounced dead at the scene.
The Los Angeles County coroner's office determined that the victim died from inhalation combustion and apozolam.
Her death was listed as "pending" on the coroner's website ".
On Tuesday, after Valley murder detectives tracked Jill Blackstone to a relative's home in Hoboken, New York,J.
They learned that she went to the medical center at Johns Hopkins University.
Police Officer Mike Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department said investigators arranged for Baltimore police to arrest her on pending charges.
Lopez said she is now being detained by Baltimore police for extradition to Los Angeles.
According to an autopsy report from the Los Angeles County coroner's office, investigators from the beginning thought Wendy Blackstone's death was "very suspicious" and "probably intentional ".
She was found in the garage of a Studio City house on 12000 block of Landale Street with a suicide note on her blanket.
According to the coroner's report, the statement was written by Jill Blackstone.
Wendy Blackstone is legally blind and needs hearing aids, the report said.
There is a Webb charcoal grill and a trash can near her feet with Ash in it --
Both were considered sources of carbon monoxide, the report said.
There was a bottle of almost empty vodka nearby, although there was no alcohol in the body of the deceased.
Investigators saw a few notes near Wendy Blackstone's body. of-
Life instructions, including orders not to be resurrected, were not signed by the deceased.
When the paramedics arrived and opened the door to the garage, the report said, they found a dead dog and two other dead dogs going out drowsily.
One of them was Durbin, who died later.
According to the coroner's report, Jill Blackstone later told investigators that a friend called her home and she "just came over" and didn't remember what happened ".
She later told police that the garage was heated with a grill and charcoal for Marshmallow, the report said.
Jill Blackstone, a former producer of Rossi O'Donnell, was initially arrested after her sister died.
She was released without making any charges against her, but a few days later the district attorney's office ordered further investigation.
Detectives and arson investigators began a series of interviews related to death, Lopez said.
According to Jill Blackstone's personal website, she became famous in the 1980 s and 1990 s and produced many TV shows, including the Rossi O'Donnell show and Sally Jesse Raphael
According to the Internet Movie Database, she also produced 1993 episodes of The Jerry Springer Show. richard. winton@latimes.
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: This article updates the details of Wendy Blackstone's autopsy report.
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