four keys to great customer service - gas barbecue grill

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four keys to great customer service  -  gas barbecue grill
Nov. 27 (Bloomberg)--
Anyone who survived a marathon call with internet service providers knows about setbacks, not to mention the high levels of stress associated with today's automated world.
In many cases, do-it-
Phone menu and website.
In some cases,it-
You yourself are better than doing it with the real people.
What makes me think about the value of good customer service is the last bad experience. -
Make it terrible-phone support.
It does not seem that all efforts should be done correctly.
Of course, company executives will weigh the cost and benefits of having enough employees --
Train on-site customer calls and provide solutions in a timely manner.
Market research has confirmed that happy customers are often lifelong customers.
On the other hand, the bad service cost the company sales.
It is easier for customers to tell their friends about their negative experience rather than the positive one.
I started my exploration and in the past few months I have called several companies that have provided me with customer service: Amazon. com Inc.
Of course, this is the routine ranking.
1 survey of customer satisfaction of online retailers; Weber-
Stephen Products Co. , Ltd. ,-
The manufacturer of barbecue ovens owned; and Bose Corp.
A high-profile manufacturer of audio systems.
I also talked to Southwest Airlines.
According to the advice of the sworn friend.
I am trying to refine the information I get from these companies into some important concepts. 1.
Customer service is marketing.
The survey shows that customer service is large and takes a long time.
Lasting impact on customer buying behavior.
Trust is important.
Fool me once and I go somewhere else.
I and all the executives said customer service did not start at cost.
"This is an idea: most importantly, you need to agree with the customer or make the right decision," said Bob Maresca, President and CEO of Bose . ".
His customer service philosophy was shaped by his experience as a consumer and the lessons he learned from the company's founder, Amar Bose.
Many years ago, Mr. marcesca was appointed deputy chairman of the house.
After software problems are found in its products, the entertainment department. “Dr.
Bose asked mecall to support the customer's explanation, "he said.
"I stand on the customer's side.
He clearly communicated what he had learned to the staff.
When I called Bose to find out if it makes sense to send my aging wave emusic system to an authorized dealer for repairs, within 5 minutes I have replaced my antiques with a new one
Fee: $199, $300 discount deducted from the advertising price.
Subsequently, lybose sent an adapter for my radio antenna for free. 2.
The price of loyalty.
At Weber, they call it the circle of loyalty ".
It all started with a great product, easy to assemble and great culinary experience.
Then you're part of Weber's country.
I'm in the loop, as they say.
Last summer I called Weberto and changed a part to my gas grill and finally got the part plus instructions to cook the turkey on the gas grill.
Koos says business schools teach four Ps of marketing: products, prices, locations, and promotions.
But they "missed the 'P': a positive word of mouth.
60 customers in Weber
The support representative receives 500,000 calls per year.
"No one talked to the customer," he said . "Nobody has to. 3.
What we do is who we are.
This may not be a good suggestion for someone looking for hisidentity, but it does fit Southwest Airlines.
"Customer service is part of our core presence," said Teresa Laraba, senior vice president of customer service . ".
Since the establishment of Southwest Airlines 42 years ago, our goal has been to "bring customer service back to the Sky ". ” (
Did it disappear many years ago? )
There was an early advertisement for a company that said, "someone on it loves you.
Southwest customers feel loved.
"We didn't get muchargument to invest in things that improve the experience," Laraba said . ".
New employees interview recruiters, and then interview employees who do specific work.
"We want employees to invest in people who are going to share the job," she said . ".
The policy of Southwest Airlines is additional benefits.
Even customers with the strictest fares, as long as they cancel before the flight takes off, can reuse the ticket. (See No. 2above. )
No wonder the Southwest ranks first--
Second place-among low-
Cost carrier in customer satisfaction survey. 4.
The time value of money, or the value of our time.
Consumers may compare
Buy the best deal on a computer or tablet
If they were like me, they would be happy to pay for the service.
Sometimes it's not even an option.
What is the real problem with customer service?
I'm glad you asked me.
We hate being stuck in automation.
Phone menu, waiting for a live person to answer.
We hate to disconnect from a new agent and start over. We hate thedo-not-call(-back)
Many companies seem to be in favor of this policy. And acustomer-
The key to solving the problem is to support the knowledgeable agent.
Solving these problems will win our hearts.
Some people wonder if that's why companies are always looking for new and better web tools like YouTube videos to improve the user experience. Amazon.
Com recently launched Maydaybutton on the Kindle Fire HDX tablet.
Press the button and in15 seconds you pick up Amazon expert isavailable 24/7 365 days a year.
Oh no need to wear clothes: you can see the tech consultant but she can't see you.
"Amazon's goal is to be the biggest customer on Earth --
Kelly qismann, a spokeswoman for the company, told me.
I think Jeff Bezos, CEO, made it.
I am a loyal Amazon Primecustomer.
UPS delivers goods at my home at least twice a week.
I just realized that for so long, with hundreds of interactions, I never had a reason to reach out to a real person on Amazon.
This is the definition of good customer service. (
Caroline Baum, author of what I said just now, is aBloomberg View columnist. )
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