freestanding gas grill On ABC news anchor’s former estate, expansive townhouses with Potomac views

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freestanding gas grill On ABC news anchor’s former estate, expansive townhouses with Potomac views
Howard K, ABC News anchorSmith died in 2002, and he was sometimes interviewed at the oval library in Bethesda's home.Now that wood-The paneled room with curved doors is refreshing with six other roomsbedroom house.The free-In a development project called Brooks ridge overlooking Potomac on the top of a mountain, there are 11 new townhouses.The townhouse is Van's.The shape and size are slightly different.They created one together.A row of buildings on the ridge of the former Smith Manor.Each 4,000-square-Townhouse with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, open plan livingdining-Kitchen area and twocar garage.10 of the 11 townhouses have private elevators to reach the four floors of the House and the roof deck."These houses are for those who don't need a big house but don't want to go to an apartment," said Lindsay Reisman, senior vice president of Compass, a real estate company that sells the house."Our goal is to provide a lot of space and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but to control the cost and not let many amenities push up the cost."The price of the townhouse ranges from $1.The only house without an elevator is $7 million to $2.Model terminal unit 0.195 billion.The homeowners association charges an average of about $350 a month, including landscaping and snow removal.Two townhouses cost $1 each.0.995 billion, was signed under the contract.The price of Smith's house has not yet been determined.Reishman estimates it will be available in the $3 million to $4 million range later this spring.Preserved landscape: facing Potomac with private rear deck in living room and strike basement.These outdoor spaces and roof decks offer a favorable location for viewing treesMcLean and Rosslyn cross both sides of the river.As the homeowner's association owns the residence and the hillside behind 1, the wooded scenery is preserved.6 acres have been placed in a protected easement.A landscaped public area will replace the building trailer near the entrance, and terraced fields planting will screen Brooks Ridge from the intelligence community campus next door.The exterior of the townhouse is almost finished, made of bricks, with cornice, steel window crossing and window sill.Other houses in this row have windows.Sassan Gharai of Bethesda said: "This design is traditional, based on houses in the city, but not traditional capital T.based SGA Cos.Architects and developers of the community.Modern interior design and flooringto-Ceiling glass and large window frames to fill the room with sunshine.The winding stairs on one side are illuminated by more windows and triangular skylights."Townhouses are usually dark, but they have a lot of light and view," Gharai said ."."When you climb the stairs, it feels like you walk into a tree house."The room layout is adaptable so you can change the space according to your lifestyle," Gharai said .".The ground floor of the garage has a living/media space that can be turned into a bedroom as it includes a closet and a bathroom.Under that floor, in the basement of the strike, two bedrooms can be used as a Home Office and hobby space.The main living level extends the full length of the second floor and the kitchen is located in the center with a gas fireplace at one end.This open floor plan allows space on both sides of the kitchen to be turned into a family room or dining space depending on the owner's preference.There are two main suites on the top floor and a washer and dryer in the closet in the hallway."One way to look at this [layout] is as a large master suite with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two closets," Gharai said .".Double main bathroomMarble sink, radiant floor heating, rain shower head.High-End fixtures: kitchen with 15-foot-long, marble-Plenty of space for five seats.High standard appliances-End, includingThere are zero refrigerators and stovetops, microwave ovens, heating drawers and ovens.Buyers can choose the finish, including the light maple flooring in the model."For unfinished houses, we would be happy to choose cabinets, counters and floors with the homeowner, all of which will be reasonably put on the list price," Reisman said.The few extras include an outdoor kitchen bar with gas grills, refrigerators and granite countertops, and a gas fire pit on the roof deck for an additional fee of about $40,000.Reishman said the townhouse will be delivered this fall.The renovation of Smith's house will be completed by the end of the year.Reishman said: "If we find the right person, we are willing to work with buyers to customize [Smith house."What's nearby: Brooks Ridge is a short walk from the shops in samner village, which includes Safeway, CVS, and restaurants.Close to C & O Canal and Capital Crescent Trail, hotel is steps from Bethesda Street and Georgetown Friendship Heights.School: Thomas W. Bannock Elementary SchoolPerry Middle School and Walt Whitman High SchoolTransportation: Bus stop to downtown WashingtonIt is within walking distance of Highway 23 to xibury hospital and Friendship Heights.
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