friends, family and a feast: a hot pot how-to - charcoal barbecues for sale

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friends, family and a feast: a hot pot how-to  -  charcoal barbecues for sale
When the weather is dull and cold, there is nothing better than cooking something that heats the house and is full of fragrance --
Unless someone else is cooking.
This is why Chinese hot pot rice is the perfect choice for winter entertainment.
Hot pot is easy even if you are new to China.
One of its many advantages lies in its simplicity.
Also known as Chinese hot pot-or by literal translation, hot pot rice --
The fire country is a colorful collection of meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu and noodles from which each diner can choose and soak in a common pot of boiling liquid.
It is a happy activity, attracted many friends and family by a delicious and healthy meal, cooking spread among many people.
If you need an excuse for a party, we are in the traditional Chinese New Year celebration that starts on February.
Running until March 4.
It is believed that hot pot originated in Mongolia (
It's easy to imagine gathering around a coal fire in the cold and cold wind --swept region).
This version is dominated by mutton.
From the 7 th to the 10 th century, the technology spread to the Tang Dynasty of China.
Today, there are almost as many types of hot pot as local dialects in China.
My friend, John
The men's hot pot encyclopedia can easily name eight different hot pots, including spicy broth;
A vegetable fish nest ditch consisting of pickled vegetables and fish;
A wild mushroom hot pot in western China, soft shell turtle hot pot, and even a yak hot pot.
It may sound exotic.
But I ate hot pot in my 1970 s and 80 s in South Carolina and if my parents could find enough ingredients there to prepare the internal organs
We had hot pot at home and you can find it anywhere.
Don't be afraid if you live in a warm place. My hot pot-
The lovely sister lives in Florida with her family and she just hovers in the air-
Enjoy the conditions of the year of fire-round.
Instead of a burner or a full charcoal brazier, you can use it more conveniently (
Easier to find)
Electric frying pan or frying pan.
Or just search the internet for a variety of Chinese hot pot places to sell.
Most large grocery stores have staples that satisfy the hot pot experience: beef slices-thin (
Ask the butcher to do it;
For ordinary people, it is difficult to do at home)
Shrimp, spinach, mushrooms, Napa or other cabbage, tofu.
You can buy some slightly exotic items in any Asian market and some premium supermarkets: mushrooms, enokitake (
Or golden wood mushrooms)
Other fungi;
Different kinds of special tofu (
There is a puffy thing called youdofu, which I really like. ;
All kinds of small, ready-mademade dumplings;
Frozen fish balls, mung bean sprouts, glass powder or glass noodles.
You won't be disappointed even if you stick to the basic principles.
The only thing to note before the feast begins is the dipping sauce.
You can personalize your creations by putting a lot of different ingredients in a bowl: soy sauce, sesame oil or sauce, chili, garlic, coriander, vinegar and Chinese BBQ (or Bull Head)
Sauce is some choice.
When I was young, my dad added egg yolks to his mixture.
After you make the dip
Add a little bit of this and a little bit of that-the fun begins.
We always use chopsticks. just use a fork.
A spoon is useful for some slippery items.
It's free to eat. for-
All: pick what you like and immerse yourself in the liquid (
Although you can use broth, the water in our house—
You don't need to wait until someone else finishes before you dive in.
In my house, there are different styles of eating hot pot.
My father is a fool: he likes to throw a lot of different things into the pan, cover the lid and bring the water to a boil.
He deleted it a few minutes later-
Usually accompanied by stupid prosperity
The lid of the pot, we dive into the delicious bounty.
My mother is a more careful picker. and-chooser.
She prefers to dip one or two pieces of meat at a time and slide back and forth until she is finished;
She put in a few pieces of tofu or a few shrimp, followed them, and picked them carefully --
Only those-out.
We have both children. My detail-
The facing side likes to separate the thin meat and watch them cook gradually.
I like that my meat is less than my parents, so be careful to make sure it doesn't overcook;
The delicate beef slices take only a few seconds in the hot liquid.
But I like to pile up vegetables and tofu and go fishing again.
My brother and sister, like traffic police, make sure that bobbits don't go too far outside of their designated area.
For the legal ownership of certain shrimp or beef fleets, the war broke out.
After eating for a few hours, once the ordinary water was injected into all the richness that had entered it and turned into something brand new.
In the noodles, we were all quiet after a few minutes, except for the noodles and the delicious soup.
This is my favorite meal with a lot of fun so try to save space as much as possible.
Finally, this is the case: the family, sitting around a pot of steaming food, chatting, joking, sweating, crying from the heat, not caring about the weather outside.
Read the kitchen window last week: chocolate and champagne.
Get more recipe ideas from kitchen window archives.
The first group of ingredients is the basic knowledge of the Pao family hot pot meal (
A * indicates that you can only find goods in Asian supermarkets or specialty stores).
My parents don't like lamb so we 've never had it at home, but it's another traditional hot pot meat.
Clams and other shellfish are also an option, even though my parents don't.
Use chicken, but it must be cooked thoroughly, and be careful not to buy raw chicken on tableware.
It was a headache so my family didn't use it either.
Keep in mind that if you remove some ingredients, you may want to add more of what you keep.
These amounts should be used as guidelines;
Depending on your appetite, you may have leftovers. Serves 4-
6 Healthy eaters1 to 2 pounds beef eyes round, thin sliced paper on grain (
Beef bris and steak are other popular steaks;
Depending on how thin the meat is, you might want to stick it in the fridge to make it easier to separate the slices)
1 to 1 1/2 pound prawns, Shell, pulse and cut on one side of 2 pound spinach, wash and roughly chop or mature 1 medium to large Napa cabbage, wash and roughly cut into 1-
Inch cube 1 pint button mushroom carton, cut into 2 to 3 oz glass paper noodles after cleaning (
It is also called glass noodles, bean noodles and green bean noodles;
Buy them in small packages for easy separation)
Soak in warm water, drain * Water (cooking liquid)
For a more refined meal, please add any of the following: clams (cleaned)
Seafood ball, shrimp ball or squid ball (
Unfreeze if frozen)
* Crab-like sticks (
Unfreeze if frozen)Lamb (
Also cut the paper into thin slices, through the grain)Chicken (cut into 1/2-
Slices in inches or so)Leafy greens (
Small bok dish, Chinese broccoli or bean sprouts, chopped or torn)
* Mung bean sprouts (rinsed)
* Mushrooms, enokitake or other mushrooms (
Clean, cut the big cover in half)
* Different varieties of tofu (
The two most popular are "oily tofu" and "bean curd skin", which, if needed, is thawed and cut into small piecessize pieces)
* Different varieties of frozen steamed buns (
Partially thawed)
* Chicken, beef, vegetable soup or specialty hot pot (
Available in package)
* Recommended ingredients for dipping sauce: soy sauce, oil, sesame, pasteurized sauce or rice vinegar, salad sauce (
The brand is widely regarded as the most delicious)
* Chopped garlic, scallions or chili peppers, chopped coriander table: the best round table.
Place hot pot in the center of the table;
Fill it with any cooking liquid you are using (
Don't forget there will be a lot of food floating around so don't overfill).
Depending on how many people you eat, you may want to prepare plates with multiple ingredients of each type so that people are more exposed.
Those are on the table too, family-
Style, as well as various condiments for making dipping sauce.
You can pour the bottle on the table or place the liquid in cruets or bowl.
Every diner should have a bowl (
For dipping sauce and food from hot pot)
A pair of chopsticks (or a fork)and a spoon.
A common spoon (or two)
Nice people around.
We don't eat hot pot steamed rice, but of course you can provide it if you like.
Prepare the dipping sauce: some good combinations of the dipping sauce include soy sauce, sesame oil and sand tea sauce;
Soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame paste, coriander;
Soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic and pepper.
There is no right or wrong.
A tip: It's easy for any ingredient (
Especially liquid.
Try starting with a few teaspoons)
Until you have a chance to taste this mixture.
Cooking: when you are ready to sit down, open the hot pot and bring the liquid to a boil;
Then reduce the heat and keep the liquid with a gentle fire.
You may need to adjust the temperature or supplement the cooking liquid during your meal.
It is best to put any items that take longer to cook (semi-
Frozen dumplings, for example)
Cook well in advance.
Also, it's good to put any beans-
Tofu products absorb a lot of flavor during cooking.
Use common sense when cooking;
If your shrimp is still translucent, it won't be done.
Generally None (
Except frozen dumplings)
It takes more than a few minutes to cook. (The dumplings —
It floats to the top when they are donetake 5-
10 minutes depending on size).
In our home, glass paper noodles are the last. The liquid —
Ordinary water in our house
Become a delicious, fragrant, very healthy soup.
We also last filled the pot with liquid and poured all the remaining food into the soup and noodles the next day.
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