From the farm: Barbecue - gas bbq with side burner

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
From the farm: Barbecue  -  gas bbq with side burner
The firewood pile is a special feature here.
In late summer and early autumn, the wood is stacked high and ready to refuel the heater and cooker in the winter.
But before the weather really gets cold, we can cook outdoors, usually on wood.
It is difficult to manage;
The labor intensity is greater, older, more primitive and more stimulating.
It also produces better results.
A simple good fish, exposed to flames through open mesh holes, has the flavor of coal.
Right American
If you can control the smoke in the fire, the style of the barbecue will be more vivid.
What makes the gas stove in the house full of smoke, such as blackened skin and grilled sausage on Peppers, suddenly becomes an outdoor adventure.
Cooking on flames is part of art, part of meditation, and part of total absorption.
When there is always a change in the type, size and dryness of your wood, you cannot let your mind wander or your body be absent.
A little breeze doesn't feel good until you realize it pulls the heat of the fire aside.
This is perfect for a fully committed chef, as you are not only a bystander, but also a positive and interesting part of the cooking process.
However, this is only a warning.
Due to the risk of fire, we often wait until the weather is a little cold to ignite the barbecue or make a little campfire, so be sure to see the rules of the place where you live.
I used charcoal and firewood BBQ in these recipes, but you can use gas BBQ or oven.
"Feast" magazine March 29, 2014 photography Alan bensonas.
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