from the strip to the field - 6 burner propane grill

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from the strip to the field  -  6 burner propane grill
Leo Lionni wrote a story about the field mouse Frederick, who seemed to be daydreaming when everyone else was busy collecting food for the winter.
"I collect the sun for the cold and dark winter.
"This is the story, to tell you in this season of root vegetables and frozen fields.
This is a story of the summer of 2013. -
When a group of wonderful (and famous)
Chefs gather at the Katchkie Farm to celebrate the wonderful gifts of generosity, friendship and the importance of inspiring the next generation.
John Unwin was a dear long-time friend who left New York and me in 2004 and returned to the West, staying at Las Vegas for 5 years before becoming CEO of Cosmopolitan, managing Caesar's Palace.
You saw the advertisement. -
"The Wrong number is right.
"But I think John's real secret weapon is quite a bit ---
Great food.
John planned a series of clever and extraordinary activities for restaurant owners and chefs.
After several years of FedEx
John sent our New York state tomatoes to Vegas and decided it was time to bring the party to the farm.
Friday, September 20--
Spent the perfect day at the end of summer on the farm.
John came to open the tractor, harvest in the field, and cook in the ultimate arena. -
Wild Kitchen at Katchkie Farm/Sylvia Center.
He brought his friends: Jose Andres, Scott Conant, David Myers, eric and Bruce Bromberg david Bernahl and Robert Weakley had a day of team building and cooking with the Silvia Center students at Hudson Questar culinary arts program.
It's amazing to witness their splendor, especially from a group that has daily access to the best ingredients.
Bob Walker, farm manager, new farmer John Ang mild catkey (
Two locals on the West Coast, standing about 6'3)
Climbed John Deere in order to drive the tractor. 0.
The teenage cooking students, with a knife roll in their hands, came to the garden in Nehru's chef's coat to prepare lunch with the chef.
This is the beginning of magic.
Eight students went to Katchkie earlier in the season, but didn't know they would cook with the world --famous chefs.
In a simple open
Air Field House (
No electricity or tap water)
, With propane grill and burner, 4-
The pizza oven, cutting board and fresh water pumped from a huge blue bucket, a special collection of extreme culinary talents, and the passion of young people's initial passion, all face a range of ingredients.
Jose Andres, aware of the students' shyness, took the lead in creating a fully functional outdoor kitchen that divided the students and chefs into small teams.
Each chef has a student apprentice and a Sylvia Center coach who is responsible for each station in this rugged outdoor kitchen. (
Did we sow the seeds of a future reality show? ! )
Jose Andres showed the eggs
Cracking skills, cooking skills and demonstrations.
Costas worked quietly and skillfully under his charges, making the cutest platter of cheese and condiments.
His elegant movements were clever and deliberate.
Scott Conant is in charge of the grill with the most infectious smile on his face, making sure the students keep the meat turning and showing an Asian sauce with garden herbs.
The team of Bromberg brothers commandeered chicken, oven at Kinderhook Farm-
Bake on the radish greens and leave a mark on the roasted poultry-
The kind that Columbia County has never seen before.
David Myers and his assistant transformed our farm kale.
It is important to watch these chefs provide gentle guidance to brave young people.
The children relaxed, the chefs relaxed, and a mutual language appeared ---
Teach by doing, showing and sharing infectious enthusiasm.
This is the best day of the year.
We believe everything that our Sylvia Center project can accomplish is proven.
Building a connection between fresh food and simple ingredients makes it easy for children and young people to cook in the appropriate circumstances.
With these skills and confidence, they can make good food choices independently and live a healthier life. (
These skills are also a way to get jobs in a booming industry. )
As a strong experience for Questar students, it makes just as much sense for chefs who have never collectively cooked on the farm --
Air kitchen with completely impromptu ingredients.
This is the final cooking showdown and everyone wins!
It is also important to share the experience of a meal together.
It promotes dialogue and respect.
In an era where we spend more time looking at the screen instead of looking at others, or eating while running, this is a powerful step in the positive direction.
The aura of these great and talented chefs has brought magic to all of us.
It's easy to understand why they are so popular.
It's easy to understand why people taste their work.
Full of tender love;
You can taste every bite.
We were so lucky to share this wonderful day together.
In the cold winter, our memories of eating together warm us and support us.
Menu kale, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, tomatoes and Dijon Greek salad: tomato, onion, pepper and Columbian County Goat Milk Cheese Zucchini, onion and Korean fennel onion with herbal roasted tomatoes-
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