garden barbecue grill Don’t Cook The Trees – Barbecue Safety

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-17
garden barbecue grill Don’t Cook The Trees – Barbecue Safety
My first ...The barbecue is as one...year old at a ...His father, Douglas, is an expert...with many ...we thought!It was a hot summer but the first time I had a barbecue was at a friend's house when I was 17.We believe that his father Douglas is an expert in barbecue and has many years of experience!It was a hot summer, but the breeze was blowing, so Douglas, with all the experience, decided to erect a cardboard frame about 1 feet tall around three sides of the grill.The barbecue itself is made of charcoal and is located next to and below some trees in the back garden.
I didn't see the BBQ lit up until I was eager to watch, but moved in closer.Douglas put the fire in the grate, set it on fire, and put the charcoal in the pyramid.A few years later, I found it a classic way to grill.
Now, as Douglas tries to speed up the process, he finds his own secret weapon and says with enthusiasm: "The fuel is lighter and this will grill in seconds!\ "Douglas sent a lighter fuel in the air and throughout the barbecue with a trained swordsman.Douglas is right!The barbecue turned into a flame.I was very impressed.Unfortunately, the same goes for cardboard frames and surrounding trees after a few seconds!Fortunately, we have enough people to put out the flames safely and continue the barbecue.
A few years later, I started grilling for myself and always remembered Douglas and the trees he burned.In addition to not installing cardboard frames around the grill and staying away from the trees, there are some simple rules to follow to make sure you start the charcoal grill safely.If you are preparing a barbecue for the first time, please read the instructions carefully first.
Carefully select where to set-Barbecue.
Make sure it's on the ground and don't try to move it once it's lit.Don't try to start the barbecue in the strong wind.Not even with cardboard frames!Don't try a barbecue indoors.
I know someone is trying to grill in the shed and in the garage!Very dangerous.Start your barbecue with the right Grill.They are better than roll paper and don't fly away in the wind.Purpose only-Made breakfast and fuel on your BBQ.
Do not use gasoline, white wine or paraffin.It is not only very dangerous, but also affects the taste of the food.Everyone likes the barbecue, but don't forget that the grill is getting very hot.
Follow the rules above and keep safety in mind.You will experience a great barbecue and your guests will be happy and you will enjoy it
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