garden barbecue grill Preparing Your Barbecue For The Summer Season

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-16
garden barbecue grill Preparing Your Barbecue For The Summer Season
Learn how to prepare a barbecue for the summer to make sure you have a wonderful barbecue experience with your family and friends.Many tips and tricks not only prepare for the summer BBQ, but also ensure that the BBQ lasts longer.One of the biggest pleasures of the long summer is standing on the hot grill in the backyard and blackening a row of your favorite sausages.
When daylight, barbecues across the country will wake up from winter hibernation and be ready for the summer.It's time to do some routine checks and prep, which will make your BBQ run safely during the season.The first step of the annual barbecue maintenance is cleaning.
This must be done!The secret to cleaning the barbecue is to do this every time you use it, but don't cross the topA layer of natural edible oil on cast iron parts can prevent rust.And the oil, the fat, and the burnt stuff.The food is overstocked and needs to be removed.
Hot grilling is easier to clean than cold grilling, so start for a short period of time first, then close and disconnect the gas before removing the entire grilling and clean all the components one by one.The grill can be spread in some newspapers and scraped clean with a grill scraper, which is usually in a special shape and fits around the grill bar.Or, take a piece of grill stone.These man-When you use a stone block, it is soft enough to grind into the shape of the grill to remove grease and burnt thingsEat food when you go.
This is a great tool as it can be customized according to the shape of your grill.Before scrubbing the grill with warm water and soap mixed with white vinegar, spray some cooking oil to remove any residue.Once dry, spray a little more oil and apply it with a paper towel or cloth.
Make sure the soap mixture is clean and clean.If you have ceramic flameThese applications are cleaned with soapy water and yellow copper wire barbecue brushes.Soak in the soapy water for an hour first.
If your BBQ has a stainless steel caseThen all it needs is cleaning.Rough cleaning agents and grinding agents should not be used on stainless steelBecause they scratch steel.All you need is a mixture of soapy water and vinegar.
After cleaning the shell, it can be polished with clean oil, even a little baby oil.This oil will remove the watermark and fingerprint and it will be easier to clean next time.If you have a glass glazed shell and cover, you may have to use a product of the type of oven cleaner (preferably non-Toxic) remove the baked grease.
Depending on the state of the grease, you may need to do this several times and then remove the grease with a brush and cloth.You should also thoroughly clean the complete case.De-rusting and re-If your grill and stove are cast iron, they can be corroded in the winter.
Scrape off any peeling rust, then wash the surface well with a brush, wash all the parts, then spray with edible oil and regenerate the rust.If the shell is forming rust spots, these should be rubbed back with steel wool before being polished with heat and treated with a rust-proof converterResistant to paint.By re-installation, the wood BBQ trolley can maintain good orderCheer them up once a year.
Lightly polish the trolley and then use the outdoor furniture oil or the special BBQ trolley oil.This can not only be soaked in oil stains on the top of the trolley, but also help to prevent new oil stains.The volcano is updated every year to heat the rocks because they are blocked by grease and oil.
Empty the old sand from the drip tray, clean the tray, and spray it with vegetable oil before lining it with aluminum foil.Place new washed sand on the foil.In winter, keeping the gas faucet working (and safe) becomes stiff, causing the plastic control to break.Remove the plastic knob and spray the mechanism with WD-equal lubricantRelease them.
Drop a drop of oil on each tap and then cover them with Vaseline to keep the oil flowing in.If one or more of your burners does not seem to produce a flame, then this may be due to the blockage of the gas jet.If you take the stove out of the grill, you will see the small brass nozzle --They are like a small nut with a lid with a small hole in it.
They can be simply disassembled with a small wrench.If you can't remove the blockage, buy a new one from the grill.Reconnect the gas and check all connections by coating it with a mixture of 50/50 liquid and water.
If the gas leaks, you will find bubbles forming in the mixture.Try to tighten the connection or replace the seal.Follow these simple tips and tricks and your BBQ will last for years.
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