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  -  gas barbecue grill
Amanda Cable of the Daily Mail published the Daily Mail at 18: 59 on June 7, 2013, update: 05:49 on June 8, 2013, nothing is more memorable than the smoke of charcoal on a sunny afternoon.
But there's an idea.
Incredible selection of barbecues on the market
From the Asda offer of £ 10 to the £ 1,000 ceramic gadget favored by Heston Blumenthal
Will the quality of your equipment really put more iron plates in the sausage this weekend?
Amanda cable tried four of the most popular
Sausage, burgers, kebabs of vegetables and chicken wings
Top 10 BBQ and chef Jean-
Christopher nowley pronounced the taste.
Is the most expensive barbecue product the perfect sausage?
Our results may surprise you. . .
Celebrity chefs chose the green egg price: the price of Biggreenegg, the owner of the large size, is about 1,000. co.
UkA ceramic barbecue based on 3,000year-
Old Japanese Kamado pot favored by Heston Blumenthal.
It also has a convenient table.
Amanda said: This barbecue with space
Age looks like five sizes and XL is able to bake five chickens at the same time.
There's no need to assemble anything.
Just light your charcoal and close the dome and it's hot enough in 12 minutes.
The ventilation door at the bottom can accurately control the temperature;
Open it and the coal is hotter.
Eggs make the perfect burger in just ten minutes. JEAN-
Kristoff's conclusion: you will first smell a delicious smoky smell.
The texture of the sausage and chicken is excellent. the burger has a restaurant-
The kebabs and kebabs were all ready and took a bite.
Just like the Aga cooking in your garden.
Rating: 10/10 Best for: Want "Wow!
Factor or rich person (
Not meat)to burn.
Best for hungry families
Touch Premium BARBEQUEPRICE: £ 199.
Stockbroker: Lakeland. co.
UkThis BBQ has a built in
It has a thermostat and a nice wide grill in its lid.
Amanda said: It took an hour to screw it together, but it was very easy to move once it started.
The height is good, it can prevent your back from breaking, there is a wide grill that gives you enough work space.
Clever design means you can add extra charcoal through the sides without having to take the food away from the heat.
The good air circulation of the dome means that the food will not drip into the grease.
It keeps the heat well.
We cooked for two hours. JEAN-
The conclusion is that the burger and chicken are tender, the sausage is burnt and caramel (which I liked)
But the vegetable kebab did not bite.
The food tastes good and there is no uneven or excessive cookingcharred.
Rating: 7/10 best fit: anyone with a lot of mouths to cater.
Small, stylish and delicious JOEPRICE: £ 59.
Stockbroker: Lakeland. co. ukA duck-
Egg blue, perfect for a nice terrace garden.
Amanda said: you can't cook a lot on this gadget at a time, but it's lit up and ready to cook in 30 minutes, even though it's small in size, keeping the heat and the model at three times the price. JEAN-
The conclusion of Caffe is: keeping good heat means strong barbecue marks, which makes the food look tempting.
The vegetables are cooked well, the burgers are tender and wet, and the chicken and sausage are fragrant and crispy.
A great little cooker.
Rating: 8/10 Best for: a fashionista who wants a barbecue to supplement the iron line Lotus.
Cheap basement Barrel BBQ barrel price: £ 15 stock holder: John Lewis, as the name suggests, this is a bucket with small folding legs that can be lifted from the ground.
Amanda said: this is only 27 cm. 10½ in)
Large diameter, no thermal control.
The first flame was extinguished because there was no airflow, so it had to be reignited.
A sausage or two is fine, but don't plan something more ambitious. JEAN-
Kristoff's verdict: a tempting taste
Both of these four foods are burning on one side and slightly uncooked on the other, which means hot spots.
Rating: 1/10 BEST: Festival-
People who are more interested in drinking than eating.
Portable perfect price for picnicscobb bbq Cooking system: 99.
Stockbroker: Lakeland. co.
Ukthis-pressurized steel tank with similar pressure cooker.
It sits on the ground and promises to cook for three hours.
Amanda said: it will take only a few seconds to assemble and arrive in a few minutes after lighting.
You can also fill the surrounding "moat" with wine, beer, water or ingredients to inject more flavor into your food. JEAN-
The conclusion is that sausages and burgers are especially delicious and not too dry.
It was delicious to bite the vegetable kebab.
Rating: 9/10 best fit: you can take it with you, perfect for those on the go.
John Lewis portable kettle BARBEQUEPRICE: 29 stockbroker: John Lewis's stylish light red kettle grill.
Amanda said: no vents make it difficult to control the heat and the flames burn more than the rest of the places we 've tried.
I had to walk around to make sure the food was cooked evenly.
It took 20 minutes for the burger. JEAN-
Caffe VERDICT: I didn't taste any wonderful smoke effects, so the air couldn't circulate well in it.
Burgers and sausages are cooked well, but the chicken and vegetables are burnt out and burnt inside.
Rating: 4/10 Best for: people who are more worried about appearance than taste.
Lazy gas selection Hanang 4-
Burner Gas BARBEQUEPRICE: 299 stock: large gas BBQ in B & QA with button ignition, warm rack and adjustable vent.
It looks more like a traditional male, Amanda said.
The style of the barbecue released the chef inside my husband.
It is solid and simple to use: turn a dial, press a button, the flame is lit, ready.
No charcoal filling, no drive to get wood. . .
Everything is easy.
Note, though, that it doesn't have a gas tank, so remember to buy one. JEAN-
Caffe VERDICT: For me, the nature of the barbecue is the smell of smoke and the smell of charcoal.
The gas could be quick and convenient, both of these four foods cooked very well, but I still put them in the oven ready. Disappointing.
Rating: 5/10 best fit: men who wear aprons once a year when the sun comes out.
Gadgets galoreblooma kinley kettle charcoal trolley price: £ 129 in stock: B & QThis wheel Grill has more additional features than the Swiss Army knife.
It has an adjustable
Built-in height grill
In the chopping board, warm rack, bun tray and appliance hook.
Love, Amanda said.
Children in their 70 s
This is a style hostess trolley and a barbecue, it has enough gadgets to make any Scout happy, but it took us two four hours to build it.
The grill is large and has enough space to cook everything at once, but the grill shakes with concern as we move the grill. JEAN-
The conclusion of Caffe is: sausages and burgers shrink a lot, probably because it doesn't allow the air to cycle like its competitors, which means the meat loses moisture.
The chicken was over cooked a little and the sausage was not cooked evenly.
Rating: 2/10 best: Gadget Geek.
Champion CHEAPOASDA picnic box BBQPRICE: 10 stockers: AsdaA simple stainless steel fire box with a grill on top folded into a portable unit with lift
Amanda said: just click on the legs, slide on the lid and fill it with charcoal coal balls --
No screwdriver required.
There is even a clever tray to Keep the cooked food warm below. With a 31cm (12in)
It cooks more times than any one-time barbecue. JEAN-
The conclusion of Caffe is: delicious crispy chicken, caramel sausage skin, perfectly cooked vegetable skewers and moist beef burger --
I can't believe these are from the 10 pound BBQ.
Rated: 10/10 Best for: frugal lovers of perfect BBQ food.
Alternate outdoor wood-
Launch OVENPRICE: £ 799.
Stockbroker: Lakeland. co.
In addition to the traditional barbecue, this tall enclosed oven uses wood instead of charcoal and adds smoke to the food.
Amanda said: It took us two 45 minutes to get together.
Expensive though, it looks great. Simple to use (
Fill with wood from the center of the garden)
We're ready in half an hour to light the flame.
The grill is tall and good, everything is done quickly. JEAN-
Kristoff's conclusion: the wonderful woody scent hit me half the time of the sausage.
The chicken and burger are in uniform color, crisp inside, wet outside, the vegetables are cooked well and not burnt.
Rating: 9/10 Best for: people who are eager to cook after cooking on campfire.
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