gas barbecue grill 25,000 BBQ grills recalled over fire hazard

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-19
gas barbecue grill 25,000 BBQ grills recalled over fire hazard
The recall includes liquid propane and natural gas outdoor barbecue grills with the words "Blue Ember" printed on the hood.The popular barbecue is the CabinetGrill with two color combinations-Silver and black, silver and gray.If the affected grill is not properly assembled, the burner hose may be exposed to an overheated environment, causing possible fire and burn hazards.Carnival barbecue importer in Brampton, Ontario.Voluntary Recall in co-Cooperation with the United StatesS.Consumer goods Safety Council of Canada and Health Canada.Only the grill that fits the model (FG50045, FG50057, FG50069, C1072-30744, C1072-30754) and affects the serial number below.According to Consumer Reports, there are 31 barbecue fires in Canada related to the use of barbecue.Health Canada said 15 of the incidents were "likely to be linked to" the dangers of the oil pan.There are no reports of casualties.In the United States, 161 barbecue fires have been reported injuring nine people, "including two major burns in different parts of the body and six minor burns, Health Canada said: "There is also an incident involving temporary hearing loss. ".Health Canada advises users to immediately stop using the recalled Grill and contact Carnival for free new oil pans and assembly instructions."Consumers are also advised not to use the grill before installing the new oil bottom pan assembly," Health Canada said ."."Consumers should also check gas burner hoses and regulators, which will be replaced free of charge if there are signs of damage."Some retailers (including Sears, Home Depot, Wal-Mart) have sold about 25,366 affected grillsWal-Mart, brick warehouse and A & P Canada stores nationwide between November 2006 and May 2009.The grill is made in China.For more information, people can contact Carnival 1-by phone-866-956-Visit the blue electronic website.
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