gas barbecue grill B.C. parks ban barbecues, campfires

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-19
gas barbecue grill B.C. parks ban barbecues, campfires
The extreme risk of the fire prompted officials in the southern United States.C.Crack down on any activity that could trigger a forest fire.Vancouver Park boarders banned smoking, open fire and charcoal barbecues at local parks on Wednesday as hot and dry weather raised fire hazard levels to extremes.Propane and gas barbecues are still allowed.Officials said there was a fire at Stanley Park this week caused by abandoned cigarettes.Visitors to the park are asked to be extra careful, especially in densely forested areas, by calling 911, to stay on the trail and report signs of smoke or fire.In the greater Vancouver area, the area-managed park has a high level of fire risk and smoking is not allowed in the area park, but as of Thursday morning, the designated camp still allows for barbecue and campfire.Fire hazard rating matches the high fire hazard rating and extreme fire hazard rating issued by the provincial forest authority for most areas of southern B.C.Here, open fires and campfire are banned in official land and provincial parks.Firefighters have been fighting many dangerous fires in Area B.C.Among them were three people in the West Bank area of kelowna, which led to the evacuation of 11,000 people, and one near Lillooet, which broke out on Wednesday.About 120 firefighters from Ontario and New Brunswick are also on their way to B.C.Forest and Range Minister Pat Bell said in a statement released on Thursday that he would help the local crew."With the three fires that our crew fought in West Kelowna and the prospect of the current ongoing hot and dry weather, we are taking advantage of the resources --"We have reached a shared agreement with other provinces and have asked for additional crew members," Bell said ."."July and August are the peak of forest fires, so we need to make sure we are fully prepared.By [Friday noon] The fire ban will cover the province and we ask the public to be vigilant and reduce the number of people at any timeIt caused a fire and diverted our resources ."Since April 1, firefighters have responded to more than 1,124 fires in Zone B.C. More than half of them are human beings --This was caused, according to provincial officials.
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