gas barbecue grill BBQ Conversion to Gas

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gas barbecue grill BBQ Conversion to Gas
I built acharcoalBBQ a few years ago and I hate how long it takes to light it up.I looked at the new gas grill and thought I could make one myself for a much cheaper price.Here is the basic knowledge of how to transform yourself.This can be applied to any charcoal grill, and Weber can also be converted with a round fire ring.Propane/natural gas Disclaimer This note is for reference only.It is not intended to be a teaching medium of any kind.It also does not intend to be an authority on security or regulatory issues.It is not intended to be a guide to safety or security.This manual is intended to introduce current and potential propane users to common problems in propane use and to explain how propane tanks, LP/NG gas components are used, the associated ancillary equipment runs and what are their purposes.In no event is it recommended or recommended to use this website as a guide for diagnosing problems or trying to fix problems related to propane.Only a licensed propane company and/or LPG plumber can diagnose and repair.This website does not assume any responsibility as it is only for educational and informational purposes.I am not in favor of any particular safety procedure or policy, but rather in favor of general safety and common sense practices regarding all aspects of propane/NG and its properties.This site is not suitable for consumers who "do it yourself" or as a guide to unlicensed propane pipeline activities.It is only released as a resource for people seeking propane information and has a better understanding of the activities undertaken by licensed propane companies, installers and plumbers.Photography and content disclaimer please note that the security rules and regulations vary from state to jurisdiction.Although the national recognized standards of the NFPA 58 and the NFPA 54 govern the propane industry at the national level, but independent states, counties, cities and regions usually have their own rules and regulations on liquefied natural gas and propane.The content of the site as well as the picture depicts the overall security view as an exhibition.The contents and pictures in this manual are not used as a guide, but as an exhibition.The rules and regulations apply to individual state and local jurisdictions and not to the background or photo description on this website.ForNaturalGas: 1) 3/8 NG hose and needle valve adjusting the size of the flame.I use brass 45 degree flair fittings at the hose ends and accessories of BBQ and house.Fire rings/bar.This is the distribution system under your gas grill.If you have the ability to weld and make rings, you can make your own ring using a 1/2 soldered (not cast iron) coupler in the center, and a 5/8 thin-walled tubing drilled with 3/32 holes per 1/2 m.The ring should be 1/2-1/3 diameter of BBQ container.Stainless steel will extend the life of the ring, especially in the winter, when you forget to cover the barbecue when it rains for the first time.I also heard that someone used copper.3) BBQ accessories: brus1/2 to 1/2 reducer 1/8 Non-Proliferation Treaty brass partition coupler and 1 1/2 lock nut, 90 1/4 Street, or 1/4 weldable steel coupler 45 ° torch (used to connect the hose to), brass 1/2 Non-Proliferation Treaty nipple (attach the ring to the coupler welded to the container) (not used in this release ).4) housing accessories: full brass;Reducer 3/4 to 3/8, 90 3/8 Street, 3/8 nipple, 3/8 ball valve, torch 3/8 to 45 degrees for connecting hose to BBQ.For propane: 1) regulator/hose 1-30 PSI (not BBQ regulator, too small) and needle valve to adjust the flame size.My hose ends and accessories at the Grill use brass 45 degree flair fittings.Propane tank in barbecue grill.If the propane flame is too smoky, you need a church.Alt.Home Depot sells replacement BBQ parts.Buy reg, hose, burner and install in charcoal grill.I have prepared an affordable kit for the basic plumbing supplies you need to build a fire pit.This kit can also be used to build a barbecue.I offer multiple sizes of rings, stainless steel upgrades and fully automatic systems for high end remote control fire pits.Fire Pit kit link1) fire ring/bar should be 4-8 from the grill.Getting closer will bring you hot spots, and even losing heat further away.I chose 5 so I could have hot spots for meat and vegetables and could cook more slowly on both sides.2) find and mark the hole of the partition fitting on BBQ, then punch the hole in the center.Make sure you punch in on the other side with a hard object.If you don't, your mark will be too light and you can do a lot of damage.Now use the hole saw on the drill bit to make a 1/8 hole.If you find a little off center, go back and do a better center punch.Stainless steel is very hard and requires a lot of pressure to get started.For this building I use brass partition fittings and fixing nuts.It is suitable for comfort in holes and does not require additional sealing or welding.Make sure it is tight with a wrench.Now, thread the fire ring on one side, thread the 1/2 to 1/4 reducer on the other side, 90 1/4 Street, needle valve and 45 degree torch.I used teflntape sealed.Alternative method of installing gas pipe for thicker material by container: Bolt on flange-Great for thick material.Make sure to use the high temperature silicon sealer to make sure there is no leakage.See attached photo lovers r-Best solution but you have to be able to weld.Now connect the hose/regulator using a 45 degree torch fitting at the end of the hose.When I build my house, I make sure to leave a t so I can connect "other things" later.!Turn off your gas.Next I remove the plug and replace it with a ball valve and a 3/8 45 ° torch fitting to connect to the hose.Connect the hose now.Follow the instructions in step 1 to operate propane (not used in the constructive construction)3.In step 3, attach the bulk head fitting completely to the fire ring/Rod, and then connect the Wenzhong shown below to the partition fitting.Connect the hose to the 1/2 F npt to 45 ° torch thread on the church.The valve is installed on the 30 psi regulator, but this can also be placed on the BBQ for easy adjustment of the flame size.The church introduces air into the gas and takes away soot.The one I sell has an adjustment nut that can be fine tuned according to your BBQ.I sealed all the NPT accessories with Teflon tape.Zoliesuggested if we do not do it right, we will take out the fire cap.This is a firewood lamp. there must be a long barbecue light.It works well and is easier than light ingbriquet.I like to put some smoke in my food, so I lined the bottom of the grill with a few slices of apple wood.You have to make sure that it is not so close to the burning flame, but close enough to smoke slowly.I also sprinkled a lot of Baili wood on the grill, bringing me a lot of smoke and flavor.The add-on I might add is: press the button thin metal sheet on the flame to spread the heat more.Meat to eat.FunLink with my fire kit website.
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