gas barbecue grill Christmas recipe: Fulton's BBQ turkey

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-09
gas barbecue grill Christmas recipe: Fulton\'s BBQ turkey
Roast Turkey by Gourmet writer Margaret Fulton.More Christmas recipes (see gallery below for photos) drinks cocktails and Kurdish sticks Vietnamese crispy pancakes chestnuts, mozzarella cheese and chili saladHam mangoBuffalo steamed abalone roast turkey with fennel coleslawckling pork tenderloin with plum blossom sauceSake fried poached egg chickenSaffron and turmeric lemon with masala syrup crispy and ice cream Christmas pudding with brandy stew, maple syrup, ice cream, lemon curd and raspberry jelly, A total of 8-10 roast turkey (below 5 kg );A 3 kg bird is idealand beautifully cooked in 1-2 hours) selected vegetables, 3 cups of chicken meat stuffing and black pepper to keep the meat moist, in cooking or loosely covering the turkey with tin paper, just lift the tin paper and put it on the juice.If using a charcoal barbecue, heat the coal with a lid for 45 minutes.Preheat to 80 °c if using gas BBQ.Brush the turkey with oil, wrap it loosely with foil, and place it in an aluminum baking tray on the shelf in the center of the grill.Cover with a barbecue cover and cook for 25 minutes every 1 kg minutes plus 30 minutes.To ensure that the outside is not burned while the inside is kept alive, cook the bird slowly with lower heat and put down the baking cover.Finally remove the lid to ensure the skin is brittle.If you include vegetables, add them to the barbecue 45 minutes before the turkey is cooked.For baked potatoes, peel them and halve them and cook them in boiling water for 10 minutes.Drain with a fork and score, then add to the pan in the last 30 minutes of the roast turkey and turn over several times while cooking.Continue the roast while the turkey is resting (at least 20 minutes.GravyTo makes gravy (in the kitchen) and pours everything from the pan except a glass of dripping water.Add 2 tablespoons of plain flour and stir for five minutes in low heat until the flour turns yellow.Take it out of the fire and gradually add 3 cups of chicken soup (preferably homemade) and stir until smooth.Boil and stir constantly.Season and cook until thickened.
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