gas barbecue grill Frying Outdoors? It’s No Mistake

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-29
gas barbecue grill Frying Outdoors? It’s No Mistake
We turned into gas last year.Strangely, it took us 20 years and 9 cooking books avoided the gas grill very sharply.So when we told our friends we added gasThe power weapon of our outdoor cooking arsenal, we get a very skeptical look.But this is the case: We're not talking about a gas grill.We are talking about a compact but powerful propane burner.Sounds a little bit of a problem and getting a hand can take your summer entertainment to a completely different place.You can equip yourself for no more than $100.So, less than a regular grill, you'll have the latest outdoor cooking equipment and all the bragging rights that come with it.We witnessed the power of this cooking method for the first time in the late last August s.About 20 friends get together in the afternoonPeople bring a variety of salads and side dishes, and in addition, there is a pig in caja china, a smoker's cow bris, and a few whole chickens on a huge covered grill.We thought we were all ready.Then Captain Ned showed up.Ned, a Harvard-The educated local charter captain and the truly eccentric man walked down the yard with the striped bass he caught that morning.Inconvenient (but usually-After all, he is a professional fisherman) and Ned begins to slaughter fish on a long table ready to eat.Then he cut it into four.Ounces and three timesImmerse each person in flour, egg liquid and panko.Needless to say, this table is a complete disaster at this point.Finally, Ned began to throw the fish strips into about an inch of bubbling oil, and he was in a huge frying pan, which was placed on a burner brought in his truck.His idea is that he will walk around and distribute a few pieces to everyone.But it doesn't work exactly this way because it is very delicious (Super Delicious)Crispy outside, wet and tender, perfectly cooked inside), people just stand there and take the pieces off the plate as quickly as they come out of the oil.The mess on the table was quickly forgiven, as several people hovering around Ned's cooking station announced that the fish was the best they had ever eaten at these events --It is indeed a high praise.At this point, we suddenly realized that the gas burner may be a new height.The impact of outdoor cooking assets.We know a lot of people already have Weber Ranch water bottles and dedicated smokers, and some even dig bean holes in the backyard.But the setting of this burner may open up new areas of backyard cooking, bringing dishes that were previously unsuitable for this environment.A good example: Ned's Panfried fish.We like grilled fish, but there is a reason why frying is the most popular way to roast fish in the world.However, every family chef knows that frying fish is a pain.It's messed up and your kitchen has inevitably smelled for a few days.However, there is no need to worry about these problems with this outdoor approach.This method is also very effective for scallops, and we think scallops are the highest and best when frying.Use large scallops usually labeled "u/10" or "u/12", less than 10 or 12 per pound.Try to get dry scallops instead of wet scallops treated with chemicals to extend their shelf life and increase moisture.Dried shellfish have much less liquid flowing out after being cooked, and the taste and flavor are better.These unprocessed scallops are usually not very bright and white, but your fishmonger should be able to tell you for sure what you are buying.You need to equip yourself before you fry, which is half the fun for the gearThe dealers among youThe first is the burner itself.These devices are very simple, equivalent to installing one or two burners on the gas stove, connected to the propane tank via a hose.But they are very efficient high temperature conveyor.(Although it is entirely possible to PanFried, even friedFried on a gas or charcoal burner, the risk of accidents and injuries is not worth it.We discourage it sincerely.) Single burner and double burner can be provided for any good outdoor accessories.But be sure to find a unit with something near 30,000 B.T.U.’s.This provides enough juice, so you can heat the oil quickly when frying.This means that you can cook for a large group of people, which is the focus of the exercise.Once you have the power, you need the pot.We mean the classic 20-Iron camp frying pan in inches.Because Chris was introduced to this generous man.His girlfriend's mother, Sally Church, is a native of Maine and knows it's a "Maine Guide potato frying pan "."But you will find its name, such as the athlete's outdoor frying pan or the Lumberjack frying pan, the camp chef.Even if so far you 've been the kind of cook who has been baking racks all the year round and laughing at propane tanks, we guess that once you 've tried this, you will be the one who takes the tank to the hardware store every few weeks.Because with your turbine burner and your big pot, you will cook for the crowd all summer: RealSeafood, authentic fried pork chops, fuss-The free fried chicken is under your control.As this is a relatively unusual approach, your outdoor cooking ideas will soar.In the phrase we never thought we would use, now you cook with gas.
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