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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-25

Did you look under a different gas grill?Many people think you cook with flames, but that's not the case.You are actually cooking with the heat generated by the scattered material between the cooking grill and the flame producing the burner.The flame heats the dispersion and the heat generated, and then cooks the food.The juice and grease dripping on the heat will evaporate, and the smoke will produce the taste of the food.Gas barbecues have changed over the years.The first generation of the gas grill uses lava as a hot bulk.The fireplace shop in Wilshire works well, but the lava is very porous, so a lot of grease is trapped in the rock instead of burning it off.This caused a great sensation.This may burn your food if you are not careful.After the lava, it is called a ceramic coal ball.These stones are made of compressed pumice or ceramic materials.Less porous than lava rock, and the result is less torch-Ups when cooking.However, they still generate some flash.up.Some people like the torch.So this is a problem for everyone.You can even find coal balls of different sizes and shapes.They don't need to look like charcoal blocks in order to get their work done.You will find sticks, squares, pyramids, and even ceramic plates like dominoes.They all do the same job.They just look different.To make it simpler, I would call them all coal balls.Over the years, the use of coal balls breaks down from high temperatures and starts to break.This is the difference.While you can buy a bag or a box of coal balls for about $20, some fancy shapes are much more expensive.Some are even sold separately.When you have 60 or more of these fancy coal balls on the grill, replacing them can become expensive when priced separately.Enter Weber as the manufacturer of the gas grill.When Weber entered the gas barbecue market, they had done charcoal barbecue for many years.Webers does not use any type of porous material for heat dispersion on their Grill.Weber uses what they call metal plates or flavor sticks.They work exactly the same as lava or ceramic coal balls.Because they are not porous, there is actually no torchup at all.Thanks to Weber's success, some other manufacturers have turned to the metal thermal diffuser.You can find them on your entry level gas grill or on your specialty restaurant premium gas grill.These metal plates have also deteriorated in the past few years.The metal loses its tempering effect from the flame and becomes brittle.It doesn't matter if they are made of steel or stainless steel.Eventually a hole will be formed, which will need to be replaced as well.If all manufacturers use the same material when making a barbecue, you have nothing to compare, so that you can choose a barbecue more easily.Need to make a difference so you can pick the right one for you.This is your choice.
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