gas barbecue grill How to Cook a Roast on a Weber Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-23
gas barbecue grill How to Cook a Roast on a Weber Grill
When you grill meat while you grill at Weber, you usually expose it to intense direct heat.This quickly cooked the meat and the Brown was good, but the Heat did not allow a lot of time to penetrate into the inside of the meat.Steak or ribs, direct heating is not a problem.These cuts are thin enough to be cooked in the middle before the outside is burnt too much.However, for a complete-size roast.The good news is that you can bake on the Weber grill with indirect heat.Pat the roast with a paper towel and season it with salt and pepper.If you want to rub it with dry spice or sauce, it's time to do so.Bake for an hour at room temperature to warm up.Set up Weber grill for indirect cooking.On a charcoal grill, divide your coal into a bed on either side of the grill with a gap in the middle.Put a drip tray in the gap.On the gas grill, heat the grill to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and close the burner in the middle.Place your barbecue in the middle of your charcoal grill and on a drip pan.On the gas grill, place a disposable foil grill in the middle and place the grill on the shelf.Cover the lid.Adjust the heat if necessary to maintain a stable 325 F for the entire cooking time.Cooking time will vary depending on your choice of barbecue, but in most cases 20 minutes per pound is a good rule of thumb.Test the taste of barbecue with a meat thermometer.When the grill reaches 120 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, remove it from the grill.Raise the grill to the highest temperature and use it to scorch around.Bake on the engraved front cover and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
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