gas barbecue grill Infrared technology heats up Windsor barbecues

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-19
gas barbecue grill Infrared technology heats up Windsor barbecues
Things on the grill are getting hotter and hotter.John LiCausi of forest fireplace, which also sells barbecues, said infrared technology is the future of outdoor barbecues.The IR grill still uses propane or gas, but they will overheat the tiles and they will emit infrared radiation to cook the food faster.According to LiCausi, this high temperature that can reach 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit will leave more juice outside the food.Some companies claim that food cooked using infrared technology is more delicious."It takes a little bit of time to get used.You have to look at it there or it will burn down when you come out."No one went in for a drink anymore," LiCausi said ."."It makes your meat more delicious.But if you are not a good cook, no BBQ will help your career."Compared to similar propane or gas barbecues, the price of infrared barbecues is as high as $200.It's worth it, says LiCausi."The money you invest in will continue in the next few years," he said .".The biggest trend now, says LiCausi, is infrared.But other grills are more common, including gas grills with charcoal grills.He also found a barbecue with a building.in fridges."It's too much for backyard barbecues," he said .".But more people invest in higher quality products.The sky is the limit.There is a product for everyone's budget.According to LiCausi, Windsor is the perfect place for a barbecue."Our mild winter and long summer are good.If you have a good barbecue, you can cook it all year round, "said LiCausi, who once sold a barbecue two days before Christmas."They plan to use it right away," he said .".
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