gas barbecue grill The ABCs of Argentine Barbecue

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-29
gas barbecue grill The ABCs of Argentine Barbecue
Tired of the basic burger?Travel to Argentina to find new barbecue ideas.The Latin country that actually invented meat and how to cook it is Argentina.Due to its Italian, Spanish and Andean Indian traditions, the development of Argentine cuisine is different from that of any other country.In addition to this, there is a huge beef industry (in many periods of the country's history, the annual consumption of beef has exceeded 200 pounds per person), and the result is delicious proteinThe rich dishes will envy your neighbors.But first of all, a brief introduction.It's called Argentine barbecue.They focus on simple things.Cooked meat traditionally baked on aor Woodfire-barbecue.(However, the gas grill will do a great job for time and convenience ).They are also rich in simple, delicious sauces that add meat instead of over-heating.The King of all these sauces is that the sauces (not marinades) on the table vary from family to town.Follow these steps to make a healthy, own heart.Basically, Ais is a finger food or appetizer that people can chew on during a barbecue.Usually, Argentines like to eat greasy salads and cheese.But you can change the rules.Try some black olives, fresh grilled vegetables and a bowl of air-A little pepper was added to the popcorn as a spice.Another safe food that Argentines like best is pickles.You want to stay away from the sausages that some Argentineans like, such as fat-rich sausages.However, your other options are pleasant.Think of skirt steak and filet steak (rub with coarse salt before cooking ).Because now Argentines like anything to lose weight, toss around on some skin-free chicken breast or firm white fish steak (such as the big hali fish.Keep in mind that Argentines add sauces after cooking instead of before.(See recipes below.) Place hot meat and fish on a wooden platter with sauces in different bowls.Tango music.Eat and enjoy!
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