gas bbq grill brand names Breaking in a New Barbecue Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-10
gas bbq grill brand names Breaking in a New Barbecue Grill
Having a barbecue grill will make your outdoor living space more comfortable.Your patio or backyard is the focus of many familiestogethers.Cooking is no longer a chore but a part of entertainment.It is also a responsibility to have a grill.You must ensure the safe operation of the grill and the safety of nearby personnel.Follow some commonFeel the guide for a safe rest on your new grill.Please read the owner's manual before using the grill and make sure all safety steps are followed.Find a grill in an outdoor wellVentilation areas without hanging structures, away from flammable structures and plants, away from normal traffic areas.Make sure the grill is assembled correctly and all parts are present.Conduct a leak test before using a propane or natural gas grill for the first time in each season.After turning off the barbecue control knob, adjust the propane cylinder or natural gas valve to the "on" position.Apply a mixture of equal liquid soap and water to tank welds, cylinder valves, regulators, all connections, and hose lengths using a brush or cloth.Work slowly and observe each area before moving to the next area.Any growing bubble indicates a leak.Be sure to close the valve before tightening the connection to fix the leak.When no leakage is detected, it is safe to use the grill.Please do not use the grill if the leak cannot be stopped.Please call the certified gas equipment service technician for repair.Before using the grill, you will want to light the grill and let it burn for 20 to 30 minutes.The first burn will clean the grill and remove any oil, dust or coating that may exist in the factory or warehouse.Open the lid, light it according to the manufacturer's instructions, then close the main grill lid to keep it high.After 20 to 30 minutes, open the lid and let it burn for another five minutes.If there are any obvious pieces on the grill grate, brush them off with a hard brush.Close gas valves to ensure all burner control valves are closed.Turn off the grill and let it cool.Conduct regular safety checks.Stay with the grill while the grill is on until it cools down.Be prepared before problems arise.Remove excess fat from the meat before cooking, keep the grill clean and reduce the temperature of the grill, thus preventing redrying.When the flame occurs, close the gas and close the lid, or extinguish the flame with the lid or flat tray.Regular cleaning will keep your grill in the best condition and ready to use.
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