gas bbq grill brand names How to Paint a Gas Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-11
gas bbq grill brand names How to Paint a Gas Grill
Many gas grills are stored on the deck next to the house when not in use.The unprotected grille exposed to the elements creates corrosion on the metal surface, and the paint can peel off and debris.The new paint coating extends the service life of the grill and makes the equipment look new.Special heat required for grillResistant to paint.Otherwise, the paint will bubble when the grill is in use.Remove all hardware from the gas grill surface.Pull the knob from the grill.Put all the hardware and knobs in a safe position before you need them.Remove any rust on the surface of the gas grill.Scrub the area with a brush until as much rust as possible is removed.Rub steel hairs in the same area to remove additional rust.Polish the rusty area until the surface is smooth.Scratch the entire surface of the gas grill with 220-grit sandpaper.The small groove placed on the surface is hot-Stick to the paint.Wipe down the entire surface of the gas grille with a damp cloth to remove all sanding dust.Apply a layer of painter tape on Knob connections, valve connections, and other positions on the grill that will not be painted.Cut or tear the painter's tape into the desired shape or size.Press the edge of the painter tape firmly on the surface of the gas grid to prevent paint from penetrating.Put the grill in the wellVentilation area.Hold a can of heatPaint-resistant from the surface of the grill about 10 inch m.Spray a layer of paint on the surface and move the jar on the sideto-side motion.Allow the paint layer to dry for 30 minutes.A total of three coats repeat the process.Allow the heat-Use Paint-resistant drying 24 hours before use.Take the tape off all the painters.Reinstall all hardware and knobs.
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