gas bbq grill for sale Danger Lurks in the Form of a Propane Grill / Manufacturers to place warning stickers

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gas bbq grill for sale Danger Lurks in the Form of a Propane Grill / Manufacturers to place warning stickers
Watch out for backyard barbecue-Your propane grill could be a bomb waiting to explode.According to the National Fire Association, nearly 2,000 gas stoves fire every year, and about 300 people are injured.Some accidents occurred when uninformed consumers stored spare propane tanks ---It's often dangerous overfilling.-Under their Grill.Danger: The gas in the extra tank will leak, ignite and generate a fireball.Despite the casualties, the manufacturer-More than 4 million propane grills are sold each year-Has been reluctant to issue highly visible warnings on grills and propane tanks.Accidents caused by explosive tanks are rare, they say, and many instructions tell consumers not to put spare cans under a grill.In the summer of 1993, when Robert swordsman was cooking at a church in Byron, East contrasta Costa County, he was looking after his neighbor's propane grill."When an explosion suddenly occurred, I was just flipping the meat," said the sword pole ."."I felt the most painful pain and I looked down and saw my skin burnt.I remember I could hear my skin hissing.The sword Pole suffered a second time.and third-His leg burned from 3600 degrees.The 16 feet-degree fireball hit the deck and eaves of the house he was visiting.Rapier accused him of a spare tank under the grill, and he is suing the Thermos Company.His Grill and the manufacturer of Worthington Cylinders, Which makes the spare propane cylinder.Both companies denied responsibility for the accident.In the future, such accidents may become less common.A series of unpublished legal solutions will require manufacturers to put warning stickers on the grill and propane tanks, telling consumers not to let the service station fill up the spare propane cans and not under the grillCompanies that agreed to the new warning included Sunbeam Oster Corp, a barbecue maker., Weber-Stephen productsHot Water Bottle Company.Duken company.and the W.C.Bradley Co., Which makes Char-Broil grills.Sears, Roebuck, the largest propane-The Grill retailer also agreed to apply warning stickers, and Manchester Tank and equipment, a propane tank manufacturer, also agreed to apply warning stickers"We are more than willing to start using warning stickers, although these accidents are not a big problem for the company," said Gary Anderson, a lawyer for W.C.Bradley.He said the Grill Manufacturer only knows one spare.Tank accidents involving its products.St. Rafael's lawyer, Robert Mills, sued the large grill and cylinder manufacturer on behalf of seven plaintiffs, noting that the new warning was primarily applicable to the new grill for sale."For those who have about 50 million propane grills, that doesn't really solve the problem," he said .".Liquid propane for gas grills is stored in cylinders that can hold 5 gallons of propane at pressure.Gas stations and propane dealers for refueling tanks should stop at 80% capacity, about 4.7 gallons.However, according to the LP/Gas magazine, it is found that the propane operator is full of one-The third of all cylinders was tested.A spare tank filled with too much is a problem because when exposed to the heat of the grill, liquid propane expands and can be ejected by pressurerelease valve.When the gas hits the burning flame, it will ignite.(This is not a problem with operating the tank, as the gas is released in a controlled manner through the grill flame.) On June 1989, Madera's Linda Gomez was grilling the burger on her porch, when the filled spare tank she stored under the grill was lit."Suddenly, I was standing in the middle of a fireball," Gomez said ."and third-Her hands and legs were severely burned.As she ran out of the porch, her hair caught fire, the burning propane tank turned over and lit her house, which was eventually burned to the ground.Mills said that by providing additional space next to the jars in use, manufacturers are implicitly encouraging their customers to store the jars under the grill.He added that in many store displays, spare cylinders are placed next to the operating cylinders.Manufacturers have been aware of the problem for many years.Mills said the Consumer Product Safety Board "also fell asleep on the switch.He noted that a 1986 study commissioned by CPSC highlighted the danger of gas tanks.W.Alan Bullerdiek, a private consultant hired by CPSC, made several suggestions in 1986: design a grill car so that they can't equip with cylinders;Print a warning on the practice on the grill;And install "stop-Fill the "valves on the jar to prevent them from being overfilled.Bullerdiek said there were no uniform security measures, as CPSC often relied on the National Institute of Standards in the United States to develop guidelines.But the institute, managed by industry groups, will never be able to agree on a new set of safety standards.Critics say manufacturers are concerned that a strong warning will scare away customers who buy propane grills and spare cylinders.But now, due to a legal settlement, the Manchester Tank has agreed to sell with a "stop-Fill in the valve on November 1997.Most grill manufacturers have agreed to redesign their grill so it is not possible to store additional tanks below.In the next few months, they will also put warning stickers on the grill and tanks.However, one of the largest manufacturers of propane cylinders refused to accept the settlement.Worthington cylinderLawyer Richard Ulgo said his company, based in Columbus, Ohio, has known only seven cases of spare cylinder Burns over the past 10 years.He added that consumers have been fully aware of the dangers associated with propane tanks through warning labels on cylinders."Our objection is that the proposed sticker highlights two specific hazards," Urgo said ."."What we are worried about is that consumers will pay attention to these and not read the rest of the warning label, which tells them other dangers," such as not storing cans in closed spaces, or where the kids can reach them.
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