gas bbq grill for sale How to Make a Grease Drip Cup for a Gas Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-19
gas bbq grill for sale How to Make a Grease Drip Cup for a Gas Grill
A necessary part of any gas grill is the grease drip cup.The drip cup is usually located below the grease tray on the gas grille, which can be used as a device to capture excess grease drops as you cook.Without it, the surface of your terrace or deck will be contaminated and an attraction for bugs.Drip cups build up grease and rust if not properly maintained.In most cases, a replacement drip cup must be ordered.However, you can make a cheap choice by yourself.Put liquid detergent and hot water into the bucket to make a soap mixture.Empty bubble 5-An ounce in a bucket.Pet food or tunaFish can work well.After soaking for an hour, remove the paper label.Dry the can with a clean rag.Check the existing metal grease Cup clamps or brackets.If the status is not good and can not be reused, please jump to the next step.Otherwise, slide the metal holder around the lips of the jar.Re-hang the grease Cup assembly under the grease tray and on the hook below the drip hole.Put on work gloves to protect your hands.Put the jar on one side, open to you and put it on the top of the block.Use metal stamping tools and hammers to punch holes into blocks from the inside near the edge of the jar.Make a second hole opposite the first one.Remove any sharp, protruding metal pieces around the face outside the jar that may have been created when punched.Grab these parts with pliers and bend back and forth until they break from the jar.Smooth the area around the hole with a metal file.Cut a 10-to 12-Use the wire cutting machine to remove the wire from the metal hanger.Bend the middle wire with your hand so that the wire forms a tight letter "U""Using pliers, grab one end of the wire from 1 inch of the end, bend inward to form a 90-degree angle.Repeat this with the other end.Insert the curved end into the hole on the side of the tank.Crimp each 90-Fix the wire on the can with pliers.Place the magnetic hook at the bottom of the grease tray near the drip hole.Hang the homemade grease Cup assembly from the hook under the grease tray.Make sure the jar is located below the drip hole.
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