gas bbq with side burner How to Use a gas smoker with tips from Lowe's

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-06
gas bbq with side burner How to Use a gas smoker with tips from Lowe\'s
In this video from Lowe, we learned how to use gas smokers.This tip is hard.You can cook with smokers at any time of the year.He is using a gas smoker.Away from the side plate.The fire source heats the damp wood pieces, releasing the smoke of the food taste.You need pliers and thermometer for sure.Before you cook for the first time, season the smoker with some slices of wood without food.He is making a pig shoulder, rubbing it dry, wrapping it in plastic and putting it in the fridge for the night.The next day he took it out and got it back to room temperature for about half an hour.Soak the chips in the water for about half an hour.Use only wood chips in the packaging used for cooking.Now, in order for smokers to be prepared, make sure the connection is safe and check if the burner is blocked.Remove the water tray, line up with aluminum foil and put it back into the smoker after adding water.Fill the box with pieces of wood and place it on the shelf with the vents and smoke stacks partially open on the side.Close the burner, open the door, open the propane tank, press and hold the ignition button for 2 seconds and open the burner now.When the light is on, close the door and place the burner high.Open the door and put the meat on the shelf below.Cook for 1 to 1/2 hours per pound at a temperature of 225-250 degrees.Let the meat cook and check the temperature.Cook about 2 hours before flipping.You can add wood chips if they stop smoking.Add vinegar or apple juice to the chips and keep them moist.Take out the pork, cover it with tin paper and put it in the pan for another two hours.Check the temperature of the meat.You need at least 160 degrees.Take it out when ready and let it sit for 15 minutes.You're ready to eat now!
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