gas bbq with side burner It’s Fall! So why am I buying a BBQ now?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-21
gas bbq with side burner It’s Fall! So why am I buying a BBQ now?
I am shopping now because when it comes to outdoor life, summer may be for entertainment, but winter is for shopping!This is a good time to buy BBQ.The big promotion started in November at the holy land of barbecue.Ace Hardware and big boxes like Home Depot and Los will also clean up the BBQ soon to make room for the heater and fireplace.Here's how to buy BBQ: The first thing you need to do is figure out what your needs are: what kind of food will you cook?How many people do you cook?How much space do you have?Do you prefer to use wood, coal balls or gas for fuel?Will it be built?Standing in or free?How much can you spend?Finally, how do you want it to look?Answer these questions and you will narrow down your options.I had a hiachi when I was in college and it fits my needs (a small food --Poke the steak at once.) Then I graduated, got a job and got promoted to three-Legs red Weber with removable lid.When I got married, my wife brought back our first propane barbecue from Costco and I spent a whole Super Bowl assembling this damn thing.The Raiders beat the red!For the past 35 years, each of those old barbecues has been corroded to nothing --From inside outNow, maybe the last time I buy BBQ, I want something more durable.Also, I now have more experience in outdoor cooking, let's say I have developed more specific requirements.Let me share it with you.Your needs may vary.I like the gas model.They are fast, easy and do not smoke.The smell of the starter liquid and the torture of cleaning up the ashes made me very disgusted.I also prefer gas because I can control the heat better and change the size of the cooking surface area.If I'm making a steak or burger, I just need a small corner of the grate.I decided to buy a 36-inch wide stainless steel.Steel model with rolling base.There are larger models to choose from, but for the cooking that my wife and I do, 36 "is perfect.We usually only Grill for ourselves, but at least once a month, the kids and grandchildren will show up in the hungry warehouse, so when this happens, we need to prepare a half dozen steak and burger.Most barbecue restaurants look spectacular sitting in the store.But don't be fooled by appearance.The real quality of the barbecue is inside... Hidden in the eyes of your prying eyes.Mass production, lowCost gas barbecues use cheap, inferior materials that are located in important parts like grilles, burners, shields and drip trays.The inferior material here will start to corrosion immediately and eventually completely break down in a very short time.When they break up, problems begin with lighting, uneven cooking, and complete failure of flames.My first old gas unit got so bad that I finally cooked in a small corner in front right of the grate.To see if BBQ is durable, check out the comments and read the specifications.Warranty can also tell a story.Prices may be misleading though.Some manufacturers place great emphasis on style (high price), while the actual value of durability is small.Frankly, it would be even better if I was going to spend $1000 or more on a barbecue.Here are the specs I am looking for in BBQ: absolutely stainless but not 430 stainless.430 is the grade used for the inside of the dishwasher and the enclosure of the refrigerator.Better than painted metal, but not much.Ignore hyper-on the other hand-The marketing claims that "304 stainless steel" is a great thing.304 is standard stainless steel material.That is to say, it is better than 430.A better way is to understand the specifications of the 16 or 14 or lower steel (lower specifications mean heavier/thicker materials ).If you live on the coast or anywhere affected by salt or corrosive air, I will get 316 stainless steel, the best corrosion-resistant material, considered "marine" grade stainless steel.Unfortunately, I have only seen a few models made of 316 stainless steel.One is the guy from the fire and was able to buy confidence in the barbecue.This is a 32 "unit that I strongly consider.Another is the stainless steel artwork from Kalamazoo, which costs more than $30,000.Looks great but I won't order that as it is more expensive than my terrace.In addition to good materials, I am also looking for excellent building quality.The unit shall have good welds or rivets, strong fittings, cast bronze, stainless steel or ceramic burners and all stainless steelSteel interior including grilles, shields, trays and other parts.The grill is a nice accessory, but very few side burner, heated tray and Browning mesh are used, so I'll skip the items.I would like to install a barbecue on a heavy rolling stainless steel cabinet.I need to store something.Therefore, the cabinet, preferably with drawers, is a good function.Also, I like to grill on the terrace from time to time.The barbecue shop is messy and very difficult to maintain, so I would like to buy a barbecue shop that is easy to disassemble and can clean and replace parts.For hp customers in the Bay Area, I used a company called Sparkle Clean.This company serves our grill once a year.They set up a cleaning station, disassemble the barbecue, do a lot of cleaning, replace any defective parts, and then reassemble and test to get ready for the next season, the service cost is about $300 or more.Having a like-The new BBQ at the beginning of each season is well worth it.When not in use, I suggest a nice barbecue shopLook at the shieldBetter BBQ on the cover.You can get a custom if you don'tIcing on the lid.This is probably the last time I bought a barbecue, so I will take it seriously.It's time to shop now.I will tell you how the situation is and what I bought later ...... 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