gas bbq with side burner Ketamine concealed in tandoori oven | Chennai News - Times of India

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-21
gas bbq with side burner Ketamine concealed in tandoori oven | Chennai News - Times of India
Chennai: smugglers of chlorone hydrochloride or ketanone continue to take it out of the country using new methods.On Thursday, detectives at the intelligence agency managed to intercept a Malaysian-Checked in at the air cargo terminal at Chennai airport and found 15 kg of ketamine ketone, estimated at around Rs 1.5 crore in international gray market, hidden in tandoor oven.According to the source in the DRI, a promptOff resulted in the seizure of goods sent by Tower export company gummidiphondi on behalf of international shipping company to Ajmeer Restorant Baru in Kuala Lumpur.It was removed and found a tandoori oven with a gas stove at the bottom, in a stainless steel box.Glass wool between the pot and the box.After removing the glass wool, 14 polyethylene packages were found containing ketamine ketone.The exporter, who is also a staff member of the customs agent, said he had received a tandoori stove in good condition.He said he agreed to export at a price of Rs 1,000, but he was not aware of the contents of the export.On Wednesday, Chennai Customs officials seized 15 kg grams of his life from a shipment at the air cargo center hidden in papier mache idols.This is also for smuggling to Malaysia.In Chennai, he often seized grams of drugs known as party drugs.In most cases, the source of this drug is still unknown.Those who sold ketamine ketone in large quantities in violation of the rules were not booked.Do you need the exit?Certificate of objection issued by the drug commissioner.However, in addition to occasional seizures by customs and DRI, drug trafficking has been carried out continuously.Registered as a misdeclared offender under the Customs Act and released after payment of a nominal fine.The price of the drug on the black market ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per kilogram, and the price on the international market is as high as RS 10 per kilogram.Some East Asian countries have become the destination for the delivery of grams of his life through Chennai.Download the India Times news app in the latest city.Elections and results for Lok Sabha and TOI on May 23.Keep track of our latest news, live updates, news analytics and cuttingEDGE data analysis.Follow up with India's largest news network on-site election results, big trends and the fastest updates of the day.
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