gas bbq with side burner Light-driven liquid metal nanotransformers for biomedical theranostics

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-02
gas bbq with side burner Light-driven liquid metal nanotransformers for biomedical theranostics
Room temperature liquid metal (LMs) is a new type of multi-functional material with attractive and novel properties.Here we present a unique nano-capsule structure of LMspresent for photopolymerization, characterized by high water dispersion and low toxicity.We also demonstrate that LM nano-capsules are near-neutral in bio-Infrared (NIR) laser irradiation.At the same time, NIR laser irradiation leads to changes in the shape of LM, destruction of nano-capsules, contactless controlled release of drugs, optical manipulation of micro-fluid vascular models, and X-ray-Enhanced imaging of biological organs and living mice.By utilizing the physical and chemical properties of LMs, we have achieved effective cancer cell elimination and control of calcium flux between cells.In addition, LMs shows the sound and light effects of living animals during NIR laser processing, making the system a powerful tool for biological imaging.LM (Ga:In=75.5:24.5 wt%;Dsaesar, Mount Ward, MA, USA) (10 mg)PEG-Amine (DSPE-020PA;Mix Sunbright, NOF (10 mg) and DC (8, 9) PC (Avanti polar lipid, alabaster, AL, USA) (2 mg) by pulse-Typesetting (VCX-600;Sonics, CT Danbury, USA) 10 minutes.Then use three hands to illuminate 2 h at 254 nm.Handheld UV lamp (SLUV-4;As one, Osaka, Japan), then centrifuge at 1,000 Asir.p.m.At 20 °c (3,740;Kubota, Tokyo, Japan ).The obtained supernatant (LM concentration: 100 mg μg ml) was used for further structural and optical representation.At the same time, the concentrated solution of LM nano-capsules (1, 10, 100 and 20 mg mgml) was synthesized without centrifugal, and then used for experiments.LM nano-capsules containing carmofur were prepared, as shown below.In short, add carmofur (5 mg) to the mixture of LM (10 mg)PEG-Amine (10 mg) and DC (8, 9) PC (2 mg ).After 10 min of pulse ultrasound, the solution is ultraviolet-Irradiation of 2 u2009 h 254 u2009 nm and at 1,000 u2009 r finallycentrifuged an arcane.p.m.5 minutes to remove waterInsoluble carmofluoride.The control carmofur without LM is synthesized with dsp-PEG-Amine and DC (8, 9) PC only in accordance with the above agreement.DSPE-PEG-Amine-SWCNT and DSPE-PEG-Amine-The size of MWCNT is as follows: SWCNT (comoccat CG300, purity> 95%, average diameter and length: 0.6–1.1u2009nm and0.1–1.0 μm, respectively;S., Norman, OK) (10 mg) or MWCNT (Nano 3,100, purity> 95%, mean diameter 9.5 nm, average length 1.5u2009μm;Belgium Nanocyl) (10 mg) mixed with dspPEG-By pulse ultrasonic treatment, amine (10 mg) 10 min in water (10 mg.These solutions are used for cell viability analysis.Anti-EGFR-Biotin-Avidin-DSPE-PEG-Amine-DC(8,9)PC-LM is now synthesized as follows.DSPE-PEG-Amine-DC(8,9)PC-LM (10 mg ml) with protein (1 mg) and-from Osaka, Japan-Succ Dione (Wako) (10 mg) and water-Solution (Wako) soaked overnight in distilled water (10 mg ).Unreactive molecules were removed by centrifuge at 15,000 u2009 r.p.m.Wash for 10 minutes at 20 °c and wash three times with clear water.After dispersion to HEPES buffer (0.1u2009M,pH=7.3), the avidin-Functional alizeddsp-PEG-Amine-DC(8,9)PC-LM(Avidin-DSPE-PEG-Amine-DC(8,9)PC-LM) (10 mg mgml, 10 mg ml) and biotin-Monoclonal antibody against binding receptorEGFR-Biotin) (50 μg ml, 250 μ l) (mawaltham thermal Fisher Science, USA) viaavidin-Biological super-molecules interact with each other.Concentration of immunoglobulin and receptor antibody on dspPEG-Amine-DC(8,9)PC-LM (10 u2009 mg u2009 ml) estimatedto 321 u2009 mu g u2009 ml and1.The Pierce 660 nm protein assay kit (Thermo fisherscience) was 2 μg ml, respectively.The structure and morphology of the prepared LM nano-capsules were observedResolution TEM (EM-002B;Topcon, Tokyo, Japan), the voltage is 120kv.A small drop of sample placed on a grid or on a 10 μ l sample solution (LM concentration: 100 μg ml) irradiated with fiberThe coupled CW laser at 78 5 nm lasts for 3 min (spot diameter, 4mm;Maximum power: 1 kWh W, 80 mW kWh mm;BRM-785-1.0-100-0.22-SMA;B & W Tek, Newark, USA ).The polymer shell structure and STEM/EDS profiles of nano-capsules are carried out by Nano-ScienceAt Evans analytics group(Tokyo, Japan).Sample fee, tecnai TF-20 FEG/TEM running under bright-200kvField Mode, highResolution (HR) TEM mode and high resolutionCircular dark angleStem pattern (HAADF ).Stem probe size is 1-2 µnm.In Oxford Inca, Brook Quantax EDSsystem got the EDS map.The LM Nano capsule of the diameter of the water power is composed of DLS (PhotalFPAR-1,000;Otsuka electronics, Osaka, Japan ).DLS laserThe induced LMnanocapsules were also measured.100 μ l sample solution using fiber radiation (LM concentration: 100g μ g ml )-Coupled with the continuous laser (maximum power: 1 kWh W, 80 kWh mW kWh mm) before the at785 kWh nm is 1 kWh h DLS measurement.Spectrometer with UV-visible-NIR (V-730 BIO;Jasco, Tokyo, Japan ).Human cervical cancer cells (ec84 121902 -)F0;DS pharmaceutical biomedical, Tokyo, Japan)seeded in 96-The well plate of 3 × 10 cells was good at 200 μ l RPMI 1,664 (gibbco, Carlsbad, California, USA) and incubated for 24 hoursThen cells were incubated with dsp-PEG-Amine-DC(8,9)PC-LM,DSPE-PEG-Amine-SWCNT, DSPE-PEG-Amine-MWCNT,methyl-terminated-Hydrophilic polymer-conjugated Au-NR (average diameter: 10 nm;Average length: 41 nm;Resonance wavelength of the peak surface plasma: 808 nm;
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