gas bbq with side burner New RV trend: Lightweight camper trailers

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-08
gas bbq with side burner New RV trend: Lightweight camper trailers
DENVER —As gas prices stay near historic lows, the economy of many households is rebounding, interest rates are near the bottom, and millions of Americans will hit the road in the new RVs this year.The latest trend, experts say, is light trailers that can be towed behind many cars or small SUVs, opening the door for a new generation of RV travel.This year, the RV industry is expected to ship 383,000 trailers and 55,000 RV vehicles, the eighth consecutive year of growth."This is so cute!"The 63-year-old exclaimedPat Mouw looked at a 2017 airflow Basecamp trailer at the 27 Colorado caravan Adventure Travel Show, the country's largest caravan Adventure Travel ShowThe 16-foot-The weight of the long Basecamp is just over a ton, and even a small SUV is easy to pull.Experts say many American families are gradually abandoning their strong traction devices.Instead, they want to ship their gear with a car or SUV they usually drive.Small car homes are still popular, many of them built on the Mercedes van platform.Airstream's silver-Side trailer is one of the most unique trailers on the road, the packaging of BasecampAround colored windows, it looks more like a space capsule than a two-night-sleep trailer with a refrigerator, microwave, air conditioning and stove, depending on the specific options.It's not cheap, it's about $40,000.Many manufacturers now offer trailers of the same size, using lightweight materials, small propane-Power cooler, stove and flat panelTo reduce the weight, put the screen on the TV.Many offerings are hardly as big as the Queen.Big bed with wheels, but many shoppers say the idea of sleeping on the ground attracts them.While the RV lifestyle is not for everyone, millions of Americans still have the opportunity to take an open path and visit national parks and small towns across the country.American road tour: with 16-The RV Industry Association estimates that it will have an economic impact of $50 billion a year, employing 289,000 workers and earning $15.Wages and benefits 8 billion.In addition, the industry contributed $5.Federal, state and local taxes are 7 billion, officials said.According to a 2011 study by the entertainment Automobile Industry Association, the typical age of RV owners is 48.This number represents-RVIA spokesman Kevin Broom said the organization believes the average age of customers continues to decline compared to 2005 data.He said the data suggest that young people, including millennials, are entering the market."Millennials are eager for the experience of traveling and the experience of seeing great things all over the country," Broom said .".They like the feeling of adventure."Winnibago is also marching into the light --Although like most RV manufacturers, it saw 55 trailersIn addition, buyers and those older buyers who serve as their core base tend to want larger, more luxurious options.RVer Dave Harvey, 73, said he upgraded from a trailer to 26-Last year walk car home.Although he likes trailers, he prefers what he can drive."We can drive on the road and we want to open the microwave and make some popcorn," he said .".On several aisles away from the airflow, Rich Schel shows his inTech caravan trailer, which is smaller and even lighter than Basecamp.Built on all-Compared with traditional campers, the aluminum frame interior space of the inTech trailer is smaller and easier to store in the residential garage.A bright red one from schnipelThe owners are particularly proud that ofis is designed to carry a kayak or bike on the roof with a queen size bed with premium sound system, USB socket for mobile phone charging and slideKitchen with burner and refrigerator.It weighs only 1,500 pounds and costs about $12,000."This opens the door to all kinds of adventures for you," schnipel said .".
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