gas charcoal grills Benefits of Using Lava Rock for Grilling

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-04
gas charcoal grills Benefits of Using Lava Rock for Grilling
Lava rock is used for grills, mainly gas grills, as a way to maintain heat during cooking.Lava is produced by volcanic eruptions and can be purchased in the home care center and some grocery stores in the summer.Proper care, use and maintenance of lava can create the ideal barbecue experience.Heat Rock is a porous rock with small holes in the whole rock.This makes them excellent heat.Keep the source, allow you to distribute heat on the grill and enter the area where the gas flame may not reach.The lava absorbs heat from the gas flame and keeps it and distributes it to any area where the lava is placed, creating a wider cooking area and greater heat throughout the grill.Health is a natural low.Fat cooking methods that produce a lot of taste.However, in order to reduce potential exposure to harmful carcinogens caused by burning and smoke exposure, it is often present in barbecue food to keep lava fresh.When the fat in the food drops onto the rock, the excess fat is stored in the pores of the rock, which over time leads to additional smoking.Smoking fat not only changes the taste of the food, but also contains harmful carcinogens.However, lava can also be used to reduce carcinogens exposed to barbecues because they have high heatHoldings.The longer the heat in the grill, the shorter the cooking time, which means the less time it takes to expose to smoke and carcinogens.The high heat-Retention also means that you can turn off the flame, cover it, place the food on the grill, finish cooking or heating slowly without the need to expose the food to a continuous flame or smoke.Using them in gas GrillsLava rocks is best suited as a heat dispenser, and since the charcoal or wood used in the charcoal grill naturally holds and distributes heat, the lava rock is available in the charcoal grill though.However, the gas grill only has the heat available when the fuel is lit and running.Even if the fuel supply is interrupted, lava rock helps maintain the heat from the grill and the cooking surface available.Setting the grill using lava in the grill requires a special grate, below the cooking surface and above the flame.You can buy a separate rock grille for your grill, or you can fix the rock using the heating plates already in the grill.While a 1-It is recommended that the inch distance between the burner and the rock, you can be 2 inch apart.You need at least 3 to 4 inch space between the top of lava rock and the cooking grill.In all cases, you need to have room for air to cycle between rocks, heat sources and grills.
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