gas charcoal grills Get your grill in shape for summer

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-23
gas charcoal grills Get your grill in shape for summer
(This Old House )--Nothing can announce the arrival of summer like a grill.Unfortunately, there is nothing faster than a summer party where the grill is not bright, smoking too much, or cooking is uneven.Grease, marinade and sauces cause serious damage to the gas burner, while the charcoal grill is affected by the corrosion performance of charcoal.All kinds of grill, from simple kettle to stainless steel restaurant-Grade IR grills need to be maintained to ensure their performance and longevity."At least twice a year, you need to pull the grill apart before you can go in and take a closer look," said Derek Ritchie, a guide to barbecues and barbecues.com.Thorough cleaning ensures that the burner burns correctly, the heat distribution is uniform, and the grill is safe.Regular maintenance can also allow you to find problems such as rust in the early days.Here is the introductory knowledge to keep the shape of the grill.Check the chassis: a grill with welded joints or a connection with rivets will rust.Scrub the rust with a hard wire brush or coarse steel hair and apply it with rustInhibit the primer, apply the outside of the grill with rustResistant to metal paint.Keep the fasteners tight to ensure stable and safe base.Replace damaged grill accessories such as wheels, handles or any other parts of the grill by contacting the manufacturer.You can also refer to the CLA Grill and Service website or the appliance factory parts website.Clean cast aluminum grille with hand sanitizer or mild detergent and simple green fullPurpose: biodegradable stainless steel cleaner.This Old House: the bestToxic cleaner cleaning burner: Riches emphasizes that cleaning burner can keep the equipment in optimum working condition.The burner port can be filled with grease and turned off, resulting in hot spots and cold spots on the grill.When the device is cold, remove the gas from the traditional gas burner using a stainless steel wire brush or flexible pipe cleaner.After good cleaning, the flame should be evenly distributed in the burner.Brush off any dust accumulated on the infrared grill and make sure the glass remains clean.Infrared grill manufacturers recommend bar owners friendsA grinding cleaner to remove any sediment.Running the grill at a height for 10 minutes after cooking also helps to keep the port unstacked.Flame color: There are several reasons for the gas flame to change from normal blue with a yellow tip to full yellow.The most common is the lack of gas pressure from the tank.Due to the expansion of propane at the freezing temperature, the pressure airbag in the regulator (the disc connected to the gas tube line) can freeze in place and limit the flow of gas to the burner.Try this remedy if you have a yellow flame: First, turn off the tank and close the control valve of the grill.Next, disconnect the tank and then open and close the control valve.Finally, reconnect the tank, slowly turn on the gas and check the color of the flame.Another reason for the yellow flame is to pressurize propane, which forces the burner port to widen over time.As a result, too much gas leaks.Riches recommends checking the burner and replacing the burner if the burner is deformed or cracked.After the burner is cleaned, ignite the grill to ensure that all flames are blue and highly similar.Oil Trap: Grill oil trap is usually a tray or disposable aluminum Cup under a fire box that collects fat.Because a lot of grease will ignite, keep these traps clean and drained.The combination of the burner with grease fire will exceed the maximum heat that the grill can handle.This Old House: Prevention of BBQ fire hose: replacing worn or damaged fuel lines is an easy task once you find the problem.Manufacturers recommend everything--From the water tank to the Wenzhong tube, the Wenzhong pipe connects the control valve to the burner--With soapy waterFor a neat job, Riches uses a basting brush to apply a soap solution.Then, open the grill.Any bubbles that appear on the coating area represent the leaking gas and can be used by replacing the hose or O-ring.The gap in the Ventura tube mixes the gas with the air entering the burner and is easily blocked by debris or insects.Riches recommends wrapping the tube with an aluminum screen to let the air in and prevent bugs from entering.Between the burner and the grate: sometimes referred to as a radiant or seasoned stick, this part of the grill evenly distributes heat to the grate above, creating smoke when food drops."Most of the wear is in the seasoning sticks because they see the most heat and grease," said Brooke Jones of the Weber grill .".Brush off grease and debris from metal plates as they capture moisture and cause rust.If lava or ceramic coal balls smell rotten, replace them.Grill cover: protecting the grill from elements is the easiest way to save the grill.The lid should have a fabric lining to absorb moisture from the metal.A simple plastic sheet can keep moisture and create a damp environment around the grill, which can cause rust.Use a canvas, cloth or vinyl cover suitable for the grill.Keep in mind that the UV will make the cheaper, normal lid fall.This Old House: free trial of barbecue IssuesCOPYRIGHT accessoriesGet month©2009 This Old House Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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