gas charcoal grills How Grills Work

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-12
gas charcoal grills How Grills Work
Even the simplest gas grill is more complex than the typical charcoal grill.Common components of the gas grill include: The Grill body accommodates all other components except the hood.The hood covers the cooking surface for capturing the air heated inside, which increases the temperature inside the grill.The gas source is connected to the valve regulator through the main hose.The regulator is controlled by a knob that allows you to determine how much gas is allowed through the valve to the burner.Most grills have two main burners and one regulator for each burner.Each burner has a series of small holes along the length of the gas outlet.The gas grill needs three things to ignite properly: the gas is supplied from a propane tank or a natural gas tankThe natural gas pipeline (which will be described in detail in the next section), oxygen comes from the air.But where did the spark come from?Sparks are usually provided by the grill starter, sometimes referred to as igniters.This is a push-A button or rotary knob that produces a spark to ignite the gas.The starter uses piezoelectric to create a good spark that illuminates the grill.Some crystal materials such as quartz, Rochelle salt and some ceramics have piezoelectric properties.When you apply pressure on them, you get the charge separation in the crystal, and the voltage in the crystal is sometimes very high.In the grill starter, for example, the burst you hear is a small spring --The loaded hammer hits the crystal and generates thousands of volts on the surface of the crystal.Such a high voltage is the same as the one driving the spark plug in the gasoline engine.The spark generated by the voltage of the crystal is large enough to ignite the gas in the grill.The burner is where all the actual combustion takes place.It mixes gas with oxygen and spreads out to burn on a large surface.Each burner has a pair of electrodes attached to the starter.When the hammer of the starter trips, the resulting surge causes the spark to pass through these electrodes and ignite the gas/oxygen mixture.Most gas grills have at least two separate burners to create a evenly heated cooking surface.Next, let's take a look at the most commonly used fuel in a gas grill.
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