gas charcoal grills How Infrared Grills Work

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-12
gas charcoal grills How Infrared Grills Work
How long does the infrared grill Preheat to kill bacteria?The traditional gas grill takes about 10 minutes of warm-up time, and the charcoal grill takes about 20 minutes of warm-up time to get the coal ball to the ideal cooking temperature.However, the infrared grill can reach the highest temperature in 3 to 5 minutes [source: Hunter].Compared to the cooking time on a conventional gas or charcoal grill, the high temperature of the infrared grill shortens the protein cooking time by about half.The result is a medium.A steak about five minutes later or a fully cooked chicken breast about 10 minutes later.Prevent food-The baking protein must be cooked at the correct internal temperature.According to US media reportsS.The temperature recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture includes: "The best way to measure the temperature inside the food on the infrared grill is to use a thermometer," said Richard Wachtel, founder of Rich's barbecue, an online magazine specializing in educating competitive boards.As of 2011, you can purchase probes-In most places where cooking equipment is sold, the stylish digital thermometer is less than $20.Even with a thermometer measuring the temperature of food and a home library with cooking books, learning how to make cooking masterpieces on an infrared grill requires practice.Because the temperature on the infrared surface is two to three times that of the traditional grill, the food burns much faster than you think.Although it may take five minutes to scorch.inch-For example, it takes only a minute or two for the grilled asparagus to have a thick tenderloin.The first time you try to cook food on an infrared grill, please observe carefully.For some, however, the real challenge begins with the completion of the grill's work.After spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy an infrared grill, the concern for it reached a new and important level.On the next page, we will share some tips on maintaining the infrared grill.
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