gas charcoal grills How to Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-12
gas charcoal grills How to Grill
The essence of the great barbecue of fire and heat is to create a perfect combination of time, proximity and temperature for each food.Sometimes recipes tell you how to do this.However, you often make judgments and adjustments as you move forward.Here are some rules of thumb to guide you when it comes to the fire and heat elements of a barbecue.The FireNo that lit the barbecue needed to build a roaring fire above the roof.Fire the grill in a safer and more controlled way.To be on the safe side, ignite the charcoal grille to ensure that it is located on a solid surface, away from the bushes, grass and stand out.Before starting the fire, also make sure that the grill vent is open and will not be blocked by Ashes.Tip: The amount of coal needed for a barbecue depends on the size and type of grill and the amount of food to be prepared.Weather conditions also have an impact;Strong winds, very cold temperatures or highly humid conditions increase the amount of coal needed for a good fire.Generally speaking, it takes about 30 pieces of coal to grill a pound of meat under optimal conditions.Ignite the charcoal fire and arrange the coal into a pyramid shape 20 to 30 minutes before cooking.The shape of the pyramid provides enough ventilation for coal.Start the Fire with a lighter liquid, first read and follow the instructions on the package.Usually, instructions instruct you to pile the coal in the pyramid, douse them with about 1/2 cups of liquid, wait 1 minute for the liquid to soak in the coal before it is ignited for a long timeMatches or wands that have been processedType Ding benzene lighter.To ignite with an electric starter, place the starter in the center of the coal.Plug the starter into heavy-Then plug the power cord into the socket.8 to 10 minutes later, when the ash is formed on the coal, unplug the starter and remove it.The electric starter will be very hot and should be cooled in a safe, heat-resistant place.To start a fire using a chimney starter, remove the grille from the grill;Place the chimney launcher at the bottom of the grill.Break up a few newspapers;Placed at the bottom of the chimney launcher.Fill the top with coal.Ignite the newspaper.Do not disturb the starter;Coal will be ready in 20 to 30 minutes.When pouring hot coal from the chimney into the bottom of the grill, be sure to wear fire gloves.This method is essentially a failure.It is proved because it does not use the start liquid.When the coal is ready, they will become about 80% gray during the day.They shine if they grill at night.Lay the coal into a layer of long coalhandled tongs.Light a gas lamp first and open the lid.Failure to do so before lighting can result in dangerous gas build-up inside the grill.Make sure all burner knobs are off and then turn on the gas at the power supply.Read the owner's manual and follow the instructions of the lighting burner.If your grill has an automatic ignition, you may need to open a specific burner before you press the ignition switch.You should be able to hear the lighting of the Dragon.If automatic ignition does not work, you can usually manually ignite the grill through the ignition hole located on the front or side of the grill.If the grill is still not open after 1 minute, turn off the burner and wait for a few minutes for the gas to dissipate and try again.The gas grill usually needs to be preheated for 10 to 15 minutes, the burner is in high position and the lid is closed.Different foods require different methods of barbecue.Be sure to make a fire or prepare a gas grill accordingly.The best way to heat roast steak directly or indirectly may not be the best way to roast turkey.The type, size and desired outcome of the food will affect the barbecue process.Many recipes will show direct or indirect cooking.What's the difference?Cooking directly on the grill is very simple.Just light the fire and warm up the grill.The food is placed directly on the grid above the heat source.For charcoal grills, make sure there is enough charcoal in the single layer to extend the food area on the grill by 1 to 2 inch.With a gas grill, the burner may be left in a "high" position to scorch the food and then immediately reduced to "medium "."Direct cooking is the first choice for fast cookingMake food such as hamburgers, steaks and fish.
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