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ARLINGTON, Va.-Shipment of grill and GrillRelated products fell in 2003, and the industry blamed bad weather for its poor performance."We have been raining for 17 consecutive weekends," said DonnaMyers, spokesman for the fireplace, terrace and barbecue Association.The uncertain economy and the war in Iraq are also called agents of recession.Shipments fell by 7%, below the level of 2002.Myers noted that the HPBA study showed that consumers would not buy a grill for future use, and that they prefer to buy a grill when it can be used immediately, making this Category affected by weather problems"When people go out for a barbecue, it's already July 4 and they don't want to get a new one later in the season," Shesaid said .".Sales of grill parts also rose last year."If I can put a new burner, I can grow a little longer," Miles said ." He refers to the consumer's idea of preserving the grill.Nevertheless, the industry is optimistic that certain factors will make up for losses in 2004 and may even increase revenue when calculating sales at the end of this year."The fact that they didn't go out to buy a grill last year means that many consumers will have no choice in 2004," Miles said .".She cited a 2003 HPBA survey as evidence: when consumers were asked when to buy a new grill, 25% said they would buy a new grill in the next two years.On top of that, new homes and second suites have been added ---Building that benefits the porch, terrace and deck--Homeowners spent $170 billion on renovations and renovations, and $2002.Miles pointed out: "The Census Bureau predicts that by 2010, the number of second suites will double, and most holiday homes will have grills."Despite the highest editorial attention --Grill, value-The reasonably priced grill is the cornerstone of the market.Grill under $300 accounted for 83% of new gas grill sales in 2003 and 97% of charcoal grill sales.According to HPBA, high-end grills accounted for about 1% of unit sales in 2003.As a result, the industry group is encouraging consumers to go above and beyondThe "outdoor room" they saw in many magazines ended."What you see is that people spend between $50,000 and $100,000 on outdoor rooms.She said that the focus of marketing now is to develop affordable outdoor rooms such as grills and fireplaces.Although the gas grill is the fastestOver the past few years, the unit share of 2003 of gas grills has increased by 60%, down 3% from 2002.Better-The gas grill built is considered to be the main reason for the decline.The stronger grill allows consumers to stay on the rig longer: the average age of the gas grill is 4 years old.HPBA says it's been a year.However, the charcoal grill has dropped only a small fraction, to 5.Shipped 3 million pieces.In fact, The HPBA study shows that the number of home Grills has increased from 1, Miles said.4 to 1.When families add charcoal grills to their gas version."People are getting more interested in smoked food, which means using a charcoal grill," she said .".Another highlight is still the small but growing market for electric grills, where technological improvements make the grill more effective.The outdoor electric grill category rose 20% to 293,000 units during 2003.Electric grill sales benefit from baby wiggle omer, who are scaling down and moving into homes like apartments, which may not allow the use of gas or charcoal grills, Miles said."A lot of barbecues have been done throughout the age group, so they are looking for a performance unit that will not be banned in the apartment," she said, adding that industry research shows that, the elderly and women are two consumers who are particularly satisfied with the outdoor electric grill.Adding fuel to the fire to get internal information about the fuel used by consumers gives clues to their barbecue style.Despite a 2003 drop in grill sales-Mainly due to the decline in sales of gas grills-Charcoalbriquet shipments increased by 2% and natural charcoal increased by 5 percentage points.Shipments of Instant lights rose again in 4% years;Standard bouquets of 1%.However, according to the fireplace, terrace and Barbecue Association, the big news of fuel is Shipments of pull-flower wood chips and blocks, up nearly 10% to 38.5 million.
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