gas charcoal grills Is Charcoal Cooking a Healthy Option?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-09
gas charcoal grills Is Charcoal Cooking a Healthy Option?
Barbecue is a popular pastime for many Americans in warm weather.Cooking with charcoal is very popular because the charcoal grill is cheaper than the gas grill.Some people prefer the taste of the food cooked with charcoal instead of the food cooked with gas.There is some controversy about the health impact of cooking with charcoal and whether it increases the risk of cancer.The scientific or medical community has yet to give clear answers to possible safety issues with charcoal barbecues.The good thing about BBQ food is that it can be a healthy choice if prepared properly.Barbecue food, including food cooked on a charcoal grill, is less fat than the food cooked in the pan because fat is lost.Baked food can be seasoned with dry ground that does not add fat from oil or seasoning.The barbecue itself also gives extra flavor to foods that do not exist during indoor cooking.High temperature cooking problems cooking food at high temperature, such as on a charcoal grill, will produce a substance in the food, also known as h cas.It has been shown that HCAs can cause cancer in experimental animals, but scientists do not know if they have the same effect on humans.Researchers at Penn State University explained that eating barbecue food occasionally is unlikely to cause problems.In addition, low levels of HCAs are also formed when food is fried, baked, barbecued or baked, so the problem is not limited to barbecues.If mishandled, the danger of barbecuing with charcoal can be dangerous.Burning charcoal using too much lighter liquid or gasoline and other substances can cause very serious burns.Using a charcoal grill in a closed space can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, resulting in death.In the event of an uncontrollable fire, operating a charcoal grill too close to the house or other building can cause damage to the building.Always follow the safety instructions attached to the grill and grill the food in the open air places far from other buildings.With this in mind, the University of Virginia recommends barbecuing vegetables and a small amount of meat so that it can be cooked faster and reduce the HCAs produced in the food.While the impact of charcoal cooking on humans is not clear, to reduce any potential impact, marinate the meat before grilling.This step may lead to a 90% reduction in potential cancer for HCAs.Finally, when grilling on charcoal, remove excess fat from the meat to avoid burningFood can be burned and burnt during cooking.
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