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The New York Times is a milestone in U. S. demographics and it may not rank up with the westward move or baby boom.However, with the arrival of Memorial Day and the beginning of the tradition of the barbecue season, the great transformation of the barbecue is worth pondering.Last year, Americans bought more gas grills for the first time in American history (5.8 million) than charcoal grill (5.3 million), according to the barbecue industry association, this is a trade group based in Ill neperville.Because people with gas grills use gas grills more often, gas grills now account for most of the country's gas grills.7 billion outdoor barbecues are held every year.Investigations have repeatedly shown that the overwhelming reason for all of these cooking with gas is convenience.The experts -People who sell grills for a living-Yes, of course."What attracts people is not having to wait," said Farrell Benson, lawn and garden manager for Bering's hardware company in Houston."You have a lot of families where couples work.They went home and they wanted to light the fire."Still, even if people have time to sit there and smell the smell of coal, they often press the gas switch.Why?Perhaps the most controversial theory is that, while men have historically been hunters and kindling in society --Barbecue is becoming a kind of double-sex activity.A recent survey of 1,000 American families by the barbecue Association shows that women are the main barbecues in 41% of households.(Women also influence "barbecue events" in other ways: in 57% of households, they decide whether to barbecue or not in 69% of households, and they say what to throw on the grill.) So, what does this have to do with gas heat?Women in the city of Bering and nearby Home Depot stores were completely randomly sampled, where the "grilles" section was packed with smokers, pots of fire, LP gas barbecues, bars --B-Kettle and kettle, not to mention the Ortho BugGeta slug poison shows that many women are less excited about coal and lighter fluid procedures.Of course, the theory of duality can be a complete buncombe.John P.Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland, 31-year-Old Americans use the time program to say the increase in gasThe sale of the barbecue proved the public's love for time.Savers who really don't save time: "Take the dishwasher.If you really study it, a lot of people basically wash dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.Environmental factors may be involved.Gas and Electric Grill manufacturers insist that the grill burn cleanerCharcoal barbecues and coal block companies sell points for angry competition worthy of one-time use --diaper lobby.For whatever reason, the charcoal grill may cause a sigh like the T-shaped one.Jim Goodall, head of Goodall, said: "It's just a different world ."A barbecue restaurant in Houston."Natural gas won't taste anything at all.It is also easy to light a charcoal fire, and the taste is much better."And Ken Bosley, the owner of the Moonlite Bar.B-Q Inn in Ky Owensboro.Chefs at the town's annual International bar sayB-Q festival will laugh at you if you try to tell them they have to cook with gas.He said: "The moral of our barbecue here is always: over the woods.
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