gas cooktop with grill plate How to Test if a Gas Cooktop Regulator Is Good

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-14
gas cooktop with grill plate How to Test if a Gas Cooktop Regulator Is Good
The gas regulator on the stove surface reduces or increases the gas pressure in the pipeline before the gas reaches the stove surface.The regulator has three components to reduce or increase the pressure.When the adjustment knob is turned to reduce the pressure, it compresses the spring used as the loading mechanism.The sensing element and the control element sense the pressure and adjust the pressure of the gas flowing through the pipeline.If the gas regulator on the stove surface does not work properly, an increase in pressure may result in a gas leak.Turn the gas closing valve near the hearth clockwise.Remove the screw on the top with a screwdriver and remove the lid on the regulator.The gas regulator is usually located below the stove near the gas inlet.Press the on/off button on the pressure gauge to turn it on.Check the display to make sure the current reading is "0.If the reading is not "0", unplug the two hoses and press the "zero/storage" button.Connect the hose on the positive line of the Force meter to the regulator inlet located below the removal cap.Turn the gas shut-off valve counter-clockwise to open the gas and check the display on the pressure gauge.Reading "0" indicates that the gas cooker regulator is not working properly and needs to be replaced.If the number is displayed, the regulator works fine.Turn the closing valve on the gas tube line clockwise, close the gas, and remove the hose on the pressure gauge.Place the lid on the regulator, replace the screws and tighten them to secure the lid.Turn the shut-off valve on the air tube counter-clockwise to open the gas.
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