gas grill burner replacement Gas Grill Renovation

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-21
gas grill burner replacement Gas Grill Renovation
My wife bought a cheap gas grill for my birthday a few years ago, but I never bought a cover for it.End result?Rust, and a lot more.I 've been thinking about it for about a year that I should grind the rust off and re-polish it, but never touch it.I finally did one thing today.The first thing you need to do is collect your gear.Some of the ones I collect are optional and some are mandatory.Mandatory: Garden hoseSpray nozzleWork glovesEye protection screwdriver (size and type depends on your specific) pliers (you may have less rust than mine if your grill..) Wire drill (yes, you have to have a wire drill to run the wire Cup!Don't even want to try it with a cordless phone!The fat remover (I use the engine fat remover) is high-Hot paint (available from the local Home Center, about $4 per can.I used one.) You don't want to do this again next year!) Not shown: Grill brusochtional: hearing protected dust mask/respirator cordless drill (I despise turning the screws with my hands !)) The Palm sanderExtension recording disk is not displayed: Please do not forget to disconnect the gas.Just reach out and twist the black plastic knob...Tighty right hand, loosie left hand.Take out the burgers and chicken and put them aside.Now you have access to those stones.-You may have lava, but I'm high.Ceramic Imitation of science and technologyCharcoal coal balls.Are they dirty?Scrub them with your grill brush.What?To buy a new one?Are you nuts?There's a lot of life in these things!Note to people with lava rocks: Don't try to scrub them, it will only make you hit the ball.To buy a new stone.You can collect it yourself if you live in Hawaii or other volcanic areas, but don't tell them I sent you an email.(For those who would inevitably suggest that it is illegal to collect lava in certain places, I say it is collected elsewhere.) Now that you 've blocked those nasty stones, take some skim under the hood.When we do something else, we soak it in.When you're on the grill, spray out any other greasy place on the grill, especially if you're going to paint later.Statement: Be sure to read, understand and comply with all the safety rules that come with the skim.Knowing how to use the skim properly will greatly reduce the risk of personal injury.Keep this in mind: when you use a skim, there are no more important safety rules than wearing safety glasses.If you have a built-inTake it out with a thermometerYou may need to twist it until the hole on the hood matches the label on the thermometer and then pull the whole thermometer towards you.When you are there, take off your hand as well.(Sorry, no pic.) The lower grate may be rather rough;Wash out all the rubbish.Then remove the grate below and put it aside.The rest is the burner unit.The lower abdomen of the grill has four screws to secure the burner unit.Now is a good time to remove them.Unfortunately my rust and they don't rotate.Luckily they rust and when I lift the burner unit the material around the screw is broken enough that I don't need to screw them down.I don't think this Grill will last more than a year or two...As the burner unit is not connected now, lift it up directly while sliding it to the back of the grill.This will release the feed pipe of the burner unit from the control unit.Now, when the burner unit rotates towards you, lift it up, which will pull the feed tube out of the hole in which they are located.Turn off the control knob;If they have never been taken away before, it may take a little power.Mine has no fixing screws, but if I were you, I would check if I have fixing screws before applying too much force...Pull the knob down and two screws will be exposed.Screw them off and the control unit should come out right away.When you are in it, unscrew the nut behind the ignition button and pull it out as well.In order to remove the button from the front panel, I had to pull the ignition lead from the button.It should be separated like this though, so don't worry.Now that all the parts have been removed from the cavity of the grill, you can see how much rust, grease and gunk are inside.I used a shopvac and a big apartment.Clean up with a blade screwdriver, but if you don't have a shopvac (Poor you!) You can turn the whole case over and drop gunk to the ground.It's better to buy a shopvac!Note: If you flip the grill over and knock gunk off, you may want to remove the lid first, as shown in the next step.To remove the lid, unscrew the top of the rear hinge.The bolts are welded inside my grill so I don't need to use pliers to stop them from spinning.Now when you throw your wire Cup into your drill bit, plug the drill into the wall and put on your eye protection device.I also used earmuffs and respirator because I knew the sound would be loud and there would be rust dust flying.Do I need to do a "safety when using power tools" disclaimer?Well, is it safe to use power tools, mmkay?Scrub all the rusty stuff with a metal cup and strong pressure!I did what I thought was 80% removed.-In order to remove 100%, it will take more time than I have spent, but I get all the Big East West and most of the little things.Anyway, I feel good.When you have all the rust removed, you can consider sanding it with some wet/dry sandpaper.Then look at you...But if you go to the "try to stick there for a few more years" approach like I did, you might skip the sandpaper section.Ah, paint.What I bought was specially prepared for the grill and stove.Don't even want to try this with the sand felt you're sitting around.I didn't paint the interior because 1) I knew it would get greasy again in a week and 2) I was running out of time.Spray According to the direction on the paint.I said make a few light coats every few minutes, 1/2 dry to touch per hour, and get ready to heat in an hour.Put back all the things you took off.Start with the lid.Add handle and thermometer.Screws for control unit and start switch.Press the control knob.Put the burner unit back in and screw it in (if anything else needs to be screwed in ).Arrange the ignition to make it either a) return to where it came from, or B) close enough that it will ignite the gas very quickly.Drip gently at the bottom of the furnace.Add the now-Clean the coal balls in any way you want to use.I chose a boring plaid pattern.Start cooking again.According to the manufacturer's instructions, Hook the backup and check for leaks.Light it up just to make sure it's all working.Wear your beautiful new cover when the weather is cool!
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