gas grill for camping "American Chopper" Goes from Bikes to BBQs

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-22
gas grill for camping \
“Awesome, baby!” “Rip it!” “Sick!"This is a typical lyrical reaction to custom --TLC has special bikes on the "American helicopter.Thanks to the public opposition, the relationship between Paul tetourand his easy-Little Paul, quick son.-More famous is "Paulie"-and their rich talent in acetylene torch, a reality show about the family --The operation of motorcycle business has developed into a business beyond personal combat and transportation.Between profanityTools and toolsTeutuls magically turned one motorcycle after another into a work of art when he lost his temper.Last season, Paul fired Poly, the company's chief designer and manufacturer, and ended six years of epic family pain.They haven't communicated since then.Whether Poly's exit is a bad thing for the family-owned Orange County Helicopter Company (OCC) remains to be seen.But it's a very good thing for camper and outdoor gear company Coleman ...... For people who like the cool grill.Coleman was the first customer of Poly, Paul Jr.Designed and hired him to do what he did for the OCC's helicopter for its road grill."Since 110, we have never used external celebrity designers," said Delaina Lee Coleman marketing manager ."."We chose him for design.Since he knows how to bend the metal and twist the steel to make it look cool, rip it off.People who like our equipment appreciate the beauty of motorcycles."It was an intuitive decision to hire him," she said."When we think about Poly, we think, 'What a cool idea it is.Let's see what happens.So they gave the Poly grill.No, he's not the new George Foreman, just writing his name on someone else's work.He is the one who makes the grill look and work better."There are a lot of similarities between the motorcycle and the grill," Teutul said ."."They all run on gas, they run very hot, there are a lot of metal.They both have two wheels in this case.They are more similar than you think.”Paulie re-Applied the same grinding, welding and shaping skills he used on his bike to design a road trip.He "pulled a strip of My Car" in a robbery"and-go-BBQ and make it cool.He changed the color from red to supershiny custom-Black, using a lot of Chrome, added built-inin diamond-Speedometer-flat side table and tool hookThe 10 th anniversary of the grill is inspired by a thermometer and ten rivets."The function is there," he said ."It already has an electronic ignition device and an open ignition device.flame drip-through grill."I added a dash --Type pop and raise it to 22,000 BTUs."I applied the motorcycle innovations I made to different products," he said .".Coleman likes its deception.They said, take out the grill and the customer does it.Teutul knew that when he came up with the unique OCC logo, he was very interested in the design, and when he got it on a road trip, he realized that he was good at innovation."I think it's my gift, my God --Give talent, innovative products.We're all good at something.This is my business."He likes the fact that his design can now be affordable.If you can't buy a motorcycle, you can buy a grill designed by someone who designed it.Every aspect of every design is his own, he says."I have to put my hands on top and inside.That's how I work.He admitted that his cooperation with his father allowed him to open his own design company."My father told me about the manufacture of motorcycles and I found out that I was fine.But he's a jerk.He is a scolding person. sometimes he is a very unhappy person.So much so that dad filed a lawsuit against Poly that Poly didn't talk about.Now, he keeps his head down, ignoring his father, attracting new clients and getting his job done.This is almost what he did on the show.Poly insists that although the "American helicopter" function is seriously dysfunctional, it is home --It's not just a friendly fare for cyclists."98-in public-year-The old woman will sign in line.We're on TLC, like the #1 female network, and I don't know how the "American helicopter" on TLC is, "He talked about the network" 19 and Counting "known as" Kate Plus Eight "and various ways of delivery."This is not a show about bicycles," he said .""It's a show about a family that happens to make bicycles.He believes that the audience likes them because they are transparent about mistakes.Of his chair-Throw the trash-hurling, door-Slamming out of Poly shrugged, "as far as I'm concerned, this is most likely a panic caused by a long push.Everything that happened on that show happened before the TV.We don't need any cheating.I’m laid back.Not my father.This is dynamic."Yes, the present tense is appropriate because Teutul père lives with fils."American helicopter: advanced.Debut in August 12.Independent staff shot at Poly's new design and bike store as well as the OCC."We don't communicate.The film crew did not communicate.We are shooting two different shows and TLC will integrate them.I don't know what to do.The barbecue of RoadTrip is Poly's first.OCC project, he is currently working on other Coolman projects for other customers.But the bike is still his first love, and even the reason why he can't explain it may always be.As the saying goes, only cyclists know why dogs stick their heads out of the window.
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