gas grill for camping Americans take to road but cautious after gas shock

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-07
gas grill for camping Americans take to road but cautious after gas shock
Texas Trail, Reuters-During this Independence Day holiday, Robert Neil will be on the road like millions of other Americans.But their way is different.Travel ceremony on July 4.Gasoline prices, although significantly lower than last year's peak, mean 74-year-The old owner of a car House may not be as adventurous as it used to be.Wearing shorts and sneakers, Neil stands outside a camp in the nearby lakeside town of vines in Dallas, saying he and his wife are still not sure where to go next."The price of natural gas now could be, maybe it is," he said .".A car home like RVs or Neal's double is a transportation and accommodation with a kitchen and bedroom.They are convenient but need quite a bit of fuel.Travel and auto group AAA predicted last week that the United StatesS.Travel on holiday weekends will be reduced.Compared with 2008, 9% this year is the victim of rising fuel prices and economic concerns.About 37.1 million of Americans will be 50 miles or more away from home on holiday weekends, which is usually the busiest time for American car travel in the world's largest energy consumer, less than 37 miles.8 million last year.AAA says gasoline prices are about three times lower than they were a year ago, but the rise in gasoline prices will guide Americans away from road trips.The average retail price of regular gasoline is close to $2.63 gallons per gallon on Thursday, about 11% higher than a month ago.RV parks and road trips are as American as apple pie, deeply rooted in the culture that cars are still king.China is still recovering from the surge in oil prices to $4 a gallon last summer, which has seriously affected the already injured auto industry and exacerbated the recession that the economy has not yet escaped.For some, this shock presents an opportunity.New York City retired police officer David linkshin bought a big RV parked near Neil's rig, and last year, a "brand new" from someone who barely uses it, wanted to get rid of it, because he can't afford to drive it."I got this for economic reasons, but it's speculative.I won't open it last year.I thought we were going to drive it around, "he said as he prepared to cook bacon and eggs on the hot pan for his family on the gas grill outside.He said the subsequent drop in gasoline prices made his trip to Texas affordable, even though he could only travel eight miles in a RV.On a trip from New York to North Texas, he said he added two more times a day for $120.The cost of the camp is still much cheaper than the motel, which increases the appeal of camping during difficult times.20-say: "You can't beat it for $20 a night ."year-Old student David Baker sat at the picnic table next to the tent.He drove from Wichita, Kansas to North Texas.In Arizona, Dan kalvoski and his partner, Dennis Robinson, plan to drive to reddondo Beach in Southern California for a weekend break with their family."In any case, we may be traveling, but when gas prices rise, we don't drive as many times as we do now," said Karwoski, a senior media expert at Tucson software.Ken Laver, 52year-The old sales manager of an employee benefits company in Reno, Nevada, plans to travel to Lake Donnell, California."Lower gas prices allow us to do more travel and do more," he said .".Green shoots can be seen elsewhere.Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming is a popular wildlife and tourist attraction with a surge in visitors.After four months of declining or flat visits, Yellowstone National Park has seen a huge rise possible-An increase of 20.According to the National Park administration, visitors were between 1% and 261,763 compared to May 2008."Analysis of past tourist trends also shows that park visitors usually rebound as the country starts to get out of recession," the company said .".There are other signs that Americans are still not far from home.Neal and linkletter live of Vineyard Camp and cabin said 2007 and 2008 a about 10% of guests from vines two years all have 71% people from Texas State.
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