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Old-Cooking is more fun--and to eat --Outside, especially when the weather is mild, cooking in the kitchen can make you feel sticky.In the early days all we needed was a fire pit or charcoal grill to enjoy the starry sky while at the same time hot dogs and steaks in Red BurnHot coal or small bonfire.On weekends, parents and children often sit on blankets laid on grass or folding chairs;While sharing freshShare barbecue food and happy stories with each other.You will provide services in front of guests.No need to heat the kitchen while entertaining friends.Just provide some lighting to illuminate the garden, put a long table for drinks and cutlery, and scatter the chairs around.People like BBQ food so you will have a lot of volunteers.Then a talented man invented the portable gas grill.Gradually, fire or burning charcoal is seen as chaos and timeConsume tasks..Portable grills using gas are popular.They sell like hot cakes.Since everyone loves the outdoors, these gas grills now have different designs and sizes to suit everyone's needs.Check out the best barbecue grills from the consumer report.The simplest design is for barbecues only.This is quite small.Having a barbecue party is huge, but it is easy to be brought to the tailgate party, which is usually celebrated with friends before every football match.The portable gas grill usually weighs between 15 and 20 pounds kilograms.The larger, more classified design of the gas grill has the appearance of a cabinetA large cooking grill is installed on the top.The welding frame is usually used for the solid type.Be sure to check the skeleton structure of an IslandGrill type.Storage space for food and barbecue utensils is included in the later design of the outdoor grill to reduce travel time from the inside to the outside.BBQ station builtIn the food preparation area and storage space, a more efficient and refined design located in the cooking grill will eventually be made.The main idea is to take the entire kitchen outdoors so that it will be easier and more enjoyable to cook outdoors.It takes little fuss to build an outdoor kitchen, especially when the things you think of have the simplest settings --ups.The grill and brick oven are available for your needs.You can add a premium cooking grill with advanced features such as side burner, food warmer, pizza oven and more.The latter option is considered a sound but somewhat expensive home improvement.The space outside your house is not used frequently, such as a deck, a terrace or a swimming pool;Cooking in the kitchen will produce too much heat and will put pressure on your air conditioner in the summer;You like to have a barbecue party in order to entertain guests;Your family enjoys outdoor barbecue and dining.Usually, the outdoor kitchen is built in the area near the deck, terrace, lawn and swimming pool.The reason is practical, not aesthetic.First of all, these parts of the House can usually be accessed from the kitchen, so it will be faster to transfer food and supplies back and forth;Second, there is no need to run new lines for utilities such as gas, electrical and plumbing.The main features to consider when choosing an outdoor kitchen design are-Cooking Grill.The grill is the core of the grill, so you have to choose the design carefully.Measure the space you can provide for the outdoor kitchen.Make sure you want to bake outdoors as well.Find the furniture space you can take out.Draw a picture so you can imagine what your future outdoor kitchen looks like.Roof building and materials are included according to your budget.The side burner is used to cook other dishes such as vegetables when grilling, or just keep the food warm.Barbecue accessories are kitchen utensils that can help you save time and energy during cooking.There must be a unique preparation, service and food display area for the workspace or countertop.Lighting equipment is mainly used to illuminate the whole area.The heater provides comfort in cold weather.Insect repellent is a necessity to drive away insects.The residence can be temporary or permanent.Low telescopic awning and large patio parasol-High cost, easy to disassemble.Permanent roofs may include sheds that can be covered with glass or iron sheets on rainy days.Sometimes, the reason for adding an outdoor kitchen to a home facility may be for the sake of beauty, not practicality.Despite the higher cost of gorgeous design, more and more families are known for their luxurious outdoor kitchen.Sink -Water supply -Power socket-Wood-burning oven -Pizza Oven for barbecue meat and vegetables;Exhaust hood -Mini-refrigerator -Ice machine -Warm drawerWine storage -Dining furniture-Or living room style set-Fireplace -The lid of the grill is usually waterproof.Other parts of the outdoor kitchen must be made from materials that can withstand high temperatures, afterfires or sparks, rain, snow and sun heat.The brackets can also be viewed, especially if the area is located on a prominent deck.Good materials include: plaster, tile, stone, Slate, stainless steel and teak.
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