gas grill for camping Coleman Fold N Go Grill Product Review

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-01

Coleman continues to surprise me with lovely camping products that make my life a lot easier.The newly discovered Coolman Fold N Go Grill is a compact Grill generator perfect for family or even small group camping trips.The grill that came out of the box was mostly assembled.You must attach four plastic feet with the screws provided.It's hard on my grill.I ended up peeling the screws down so the feet were only loosely attached together.The propane control arm is a separate part that is connected while the furnace is running.It's very easy to click on and it's not laborious at all, a big surprise when I first used it.The connection seems to be loose and I'm sure the gas is destined to leak.Happily, the connection between the control arm and the grill is very safe, and it is also easy for the child to find and connect-It was a huge improvement from my Coleman kitchen table in the 1980 s.In addition, the grill is ready.Its flip-over design features a sleek steel structure that is as attractive as most Coleman camping products.The grill plate is ceramic coated steel and the dishwasher is safe.Built a drip tray.in.(The instructions say the drip tray is removable and the dishwasher is safe, but I haven't figured out how to get the drip tray out yet.During transportation, enough locking devices keep the Grill closed.The metal handle attached to the grill is convenient.Although it is the best for small hands.Like many Coleman products, the folding grill has unparalleled lighting ignition.The temperature control dial is located where the propane tank is connected.The folding grill I purchased from Costco for around $85 comes with two accessories that usually need to be purchased separately: a grate that allows you to use the grill as the top of the stove if needed;And a handbag.It's important to double check the box before you buy it so you know what's on the grill.Most of the time, the folding grill does not pack any accessories.When he first went out, Coleman grilled hot dogs and burgers for 12 people --Hot dogs for lunch and hamburgers for dinner.Considering that the children are cooking, 20 hot dogs are "fit" on the grill at a time.The children were walking around with pliers, but it might be wise to put twelve hot dogs on the grill at a time.The kids pre-Non-spray GrillStick to the cooking spray and the grill is easy to wipe clean after lunch.We have about four types of dinner.The size burger is placed on a grill at a time.We use non before heating.Stick the cooking spray in a clean placeup.This works well for the beef burger, but the turkey burger is loose and must be removed from the grill and fried on the stove.The ignition is like a charm and the BBQ is easy and calm for both meals.While it would be nice to have a bigger grill, it doesn't take that long to cook 16 burgers.It is worth noting that the grill plate is very evenly heated.No hot and cold spots.After the grill is cooled, the cleaning work is messy but rather simple.The drip tray is full of burnt pieces, free beef and turkey pieces, and of course grease.However, it was easily wiped out.The children do their best to clean the grill board and wash it with a scrub pad to remove most of the burnt parts.When I got home, I put the grill plate in the dishwasher and made it clean.Before our second camping, the grill in our backyard was broken.We decided to pull out the folding grill to see if it could cook our Grilltip.Two big (about 3 lbs per pound) threeThere is almost no grill on the grill.In retrospect, we should probably cook one at a time.But to our surprise, the grill was very good.The tri-The tip below the top is perfectCover in the shape of the grill so we can keep the heat close to the meat.Tri-Tip usually takes about 45 minutes to cook on a large backyard grill, but it takes a few minutes to cook on a folding grill.In addition to a slightly longer cooking time, the grill is in tri-tip.The baking tray enters the dishwasher directly and the drip tray is wiped clean.On our next camping trip, we used a folding grill to heat the bacon, and usually we cook the bacon in a frying pan.We have a huge pre-packCook bacon in a portable Coleman oven and cook half on a grill.The Bacon was quickly heated and the crispy crust was delicious --We didn't expect a bonus.Because bacon is before.After cooking, there is not much grease in the drip tray.The clean-up was rushed.I changed the grill to the attached grate for lunch.The heating element works very well, and it is also good to have a secondary stove top.The only downside is that there is no side plate on the fold N go to protect the flame from the wind, so the flame is constantly extinguished.When I use the Fold N go on the grill board, I don't notice the wind at all, but I can see that this can be a problem when using grate fittings.We used the Fold N go Grill to roast the chicken for dinner.It gets very confusing when the chicken sticks to the grill.No one remembers a non-spray GrillSo this is probably the problem.Cleaning is more difficult but when I get home I put the top of the grill in the dishwasher which is responsible for cookingon mess.Coleman fold N Go grill is probably the best option for a family of 45 people max.While this is a useful group camping trip for barbecues, the BBQ area is limited.However, the folding grill is light in weight and compact in size and can easily be thrown into the truck for camping.If you cook the surface with non-spray, it's easy to clean up the campCooking spray.If you are camping a lot, I suggest you purchase the attached grate and use the grill as an extra top when not using the grill.The stove grate is perfect for placing under the top of the grill so you can store and carry the stove grate with Fold N Go.The carry-Box accessories are not really necessary unless you want to be completely sure that there will be no grease spills in your car.Although our case is carried with us, we have never used it.We just made sure to completely remove the grill before shipping.While looking at the Coleman website, I noticed that the company did not have spare parts for folding grills, which may mean that if your grill is broken, you have to call the customer service department of Coleman, ask for advice on how to do it.Larger families or groups may consider the Coolman roadtrip portable table top Grill, a larger, stronger table top grill that looks similar to a folded N go grill.Update:xa0I finally figured out how to remove the drip tray from the grill to clean the dishwasher.--xa0The baking pan is attached to the bottom of the grill.--xa0It has no real "lips" to catch.--xa0You have to pry the pot gently with your nails.--xa0There is no need for too much effort;--xa0It is not easy to see that he dripped the pot to be cleared.--xa0By the way, the dishwasher did a great job of cleaning the drip tray.
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